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Avantalk Jogger bluetooth earphones stuck in red light. what to do?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (294points) January 10th, 2013

I just bought this avantalk jogger bluetooth earphones. I’ve read the instructions, and was ready to pair them with my cellphone; so I turned on the earphones, to test, and then turned them off. Set the phone on discovery and kept the button on the earphones pressed for 7 seconds (to make the pairing) but instead of blinking red/blue as it says it should, the earphones stuck on red light, and don’t respond to anything. Should I wait for them to discharge? I can’t find info about the meaning of the red light, maybe it is on hold? I really don’t know…

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Have you tried contacting customer support for the product?

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there is no customer service,... the earphones are Avantalk, but here are sold as “Fujitel”, in another packaging and fujitel printed in the device. Imagine as phone companies when they brand the phones from country to country; just like that. And the manual refers to a webpage that doesn’t work.
So, I was hoping anybody with the same Avantalk earphones or someone with experience in bluetooth devices may know why they’ve stuck red…

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Could they be defective? Could you return them?

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I’ve returned the headset and paid the difference for a better brand, and they work like a charm. Just have to adapt to the in-ear rubber… I’m new to that. :)

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