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How long does it take for a senior to get over kidney removal for encapsulated cancer?

Asked by Aster (18231points) January 10th, 2013

If you are seventy years old and contract kidney cancer, it’s removed laproscopically and hasn’t spread, what kind of side effects would one expect to have and for how long? It seems to me it would be a huge assault on the body that you’d never get over. Am I right or wrong?

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Laporoscopic surgery is not a huge assault on the body. If you have another functioning kidney, it would probably take you a week or two to recover from the surgery and then you should be fine.

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Yes; what I meant was removing a major organ is an assault, not the method by which it’s removed .

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Given the kidney was massively diseased the surgery would remove the major assault on the body. After you had recovered from the surgery you’d possibly feel even better than before.

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I’d speculate the biggest shock to the system in this case will be the general anaesthetic.

Ridding the body of the diseased organ should be a relief as @Lightlyseared notes, and as @janbb points out the laproscopic method is as minimally destructive/invasive as possible.

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