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Would you go on record calling these ”Perv Nations”?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 10th, 2013

So much is said about age and sex, especially here in the US. If anyone desires to have a relationship or sex with anyone under 18, even if they feel it is love for that one person and not just using them to have sex with, that the older partner is sick in the head or a pedophile. Based off this story, and I am sure there are many other marriages like them even if the ages are closer, would you go on record to say that Saudi Arabia is a pedophilic nation? Or you go on record calling Australia, Guam and Fiji a nation of perverts for having a 16yr age of consent, or France, Italy, and Sweden for allowing people to have sex with tender young adults of age 15 without penalty? Notwithstanding the argument that in spite the physical maturity that the brain is not fully mature until age 25; and that is omitting those freakish smart people called geniuses who faster maturing brains gained them no authority ahead of the physical development.

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