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Is there any available software that can predict simple chemical reactions?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12644points) January 10th, 2013

I am looking for a piece of software that can tell me the chemical reactions that will occur when I mix certain substances.

For example, I could somehow describe dissolving 1 gram of AgNO3 and 1 gram of KCl in a beaker filled with a liter of H2O. Then it would tell me the identity and quantity of everything that is left in that beaker after the reaction. This includes things such as how much AgCl was produced, and how much reactant is left over.

A simpler version could use a database to tell me what reaction would occur if I were to mix Zn with CuSO4.

Do you know of any software that I could use for this purpose?

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Google is your friend = = = > Zn with CuSO4

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@Tropical_Willie I think @PhiNotPi wanted something better than that. I mean in your example the top result is Yahoo answers. I think @PhiNotPi wanted a reliable source that could just give the RX instead of having to look through sites on google and determine the reliability of them

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@uberman Fourth item down ( was first ) WEBQC.ORG

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@Tropical_Willie Cool site. Thanks for posting the actual link.
Definitely will be using that this semester for chemistry.

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But if you know your chemistry it will be obvious what reacts with what.
Valance electrons, covalent bonds, ionic bonds, energies of reaction… Put it all together it’s just addition and subtraction.
A reference site is a cool tool, but know what’s going on, otherwise you doing ‘google’ not chemistry.

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@dabbler I agree for sure. But it’s nice to have somewhere to check your work when you’re done.

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@uberbatman Good point. Nothing wrong with power tools once you’ve mastered what you’re doing.
Now I’m curious, the “Molecular Editor” tools on @Tropical_Willie‘s site look like serious fun.

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