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I need an easy way to organize all of my earrings?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) January 10th, 2013

A lot of the earring organizers I see either don’t have enough spaces or are only for one type of earring. It can be something to purchase or DIY (I prefer DIY). I need something that can hold at least 30 pairs and can hold hoops, hooks, AND post earrings. I have all of them tangled up in a Guess watch box and all over my dresser and now it’s impossible to find anything anymore. So a good organizer would be great.

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Get a nice sheer scarf and pin it to your wall. Then hang all of your danglies on it – just poke the hooks right on through the fabric. You can also add light hooks (very lightweight, like christmas tree hooks) to hold many stud-type ones on there too, as long as they have enough weight and length to hang a bit. Straight pearl and jewel studs are the trickiest, but I usually just pinned them through and stuck the backing on the other side, even though it’s kind of a pain.

Edit: like this, only you can make it a lot prettier with a nicer scarf, and obviously as big as you need.

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I use this plastic container that I got from a craft store that has little square cubbies in it, that’s specifically for thread, I think. it has a hinged lid and it was probably about between $2 and $5. It probably has about 15 cubbies in it. They may not be big enough to hold big hoops, but they do keep everything together and dust-free. I just take it out of the drawer, open it and voila – there are all my earrings organized and ready to choose.

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Do they need to hang? A thimble collection display is nice. Usually they have one of those slide over plexi things too, keep the dust off.

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I see why you asked Fluther. I searched online and all I could find were ugly (imo), framed DIY projects. I’m having a hard time finding anything that you can store away to keep the dust off. I really like @wildpotato‘s idea. If I had enough earrings I would probably use her suggestion.

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If you don’t care about it being pretty I would just use the bottoms of egg cartons.

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Whoops, I hadn’t watched that video longer than a few seconds because my pooch was bugging me to go on a walk – no wonder it doesn’t look great; she’s using placemats not a scarf. But I like her idea; I bet it’d be cool with nicer placemats. Though I can’t find any proper pictures of what I was describing with the scarf to show you, this site mentions it and a lot of other ideas I might try. Especially the necklaces on doorknobs thing.

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You could try a paper clip chain or chains looped across your mirror or wherever would be convenient. There are colored paperclips available for a more decorative look.

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Get some tiny ziplock bags such as small craft items or replacement parts come in. They’re handy for keeping each pair together and separate from the others. They also slow the tarnishing process for your silver earrings. Then you can put them into a jewelry box or other container without having them get all snarled and tangled together.

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I have a board and the material name alludes me right now. But I simply poke them into the board in rows. You can either hang inside or use as decor.

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Here’s another idea – go to Pinterest and search for “earring storage” or “jewelry storage” and see what you find. I bet there are tons of ideas on there.

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Thanks everyone. I think I might either try the corkboard or @wildpotato ‘s idea with the scarf

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