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What is my dream trying to tell me?

Asked by Ashleyxx1 (13points) January 10th, 2013

we was in a room and the room was divided in half .the wall that was dividing us was a glass wall.well somehow he got to my side of the room he hold my hand and looked at me with this puppy eyes and then he walked away back to the other side of the room. in the room there was another girl, she was sleeeping on a bed he laid down beside her but he was still looking at me. He got up from the bed walked to the glass wall, and put hes hand on the glass wall that divided us, steering at me from behind the wall. can you tell me what this means

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This means you really really really really either want him, or think about him a lot. I wouldn’t rule out any possible longing he might have for you. The wall is dividing because time is running out. Make a move now, or the wall becomes an ocean. Good luck!

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The other girl could represent a time glass kind of countdown. If you don’t take action, the other girl could be the end result.

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It means there is someone else in his life, you know it but are hoping you can entice him to you but you realize that if he can he will just use both of you.

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I believe your dream is just showing you what you wish you had. The girl on the bed is you but a different version of you and your looking in, which since this is just a crush is all you get to do, look in. And since you say he’s a crush the wall is showing the division between you and him. He crossed the wall in your dream because that’s your conscience trying to deal with the idea that that’s the closest you may get to him.

It’s not really telling you anything, your dream is just trying to help you cope with the feelings you have.

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Dreams don’t mean anything.

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In dream symbolism, separation from friends/loved ones by a glass or invisible wall symbolizes death.

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It means that you are thinking bout him and dreaming of him. That’s all.

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It means you need to make a movie. This is highly symbolic (although not necessarily of your life).

This scene has great pathos. Your crush wants you, yet some obligations to a prior love are keeping him away. He longs for you. He has no thought for anyone but you, except that he has these obligations that he must attend to. Yet you are always on his mind.

This, is, of course, a wonderful scene. Pulls the heart strings and all. Since it’s a dream, it may have nothing to do with your actual life, or it may be a wishful dream. You want to believe he things about you, but it doesn’t mean he really is. What other people do in your dreams is never a reason to believe they think the same thing in real life. This is wishful thinking.

But feel free to make the movie. Maybe you could ask your crush to play a role, and then who knows what might happen. Write the script. Maybe it will come true.

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I disagree with @bob about dreams meaning nothing. Some don’t for sure, but some do. I believe dreams are the brain’s process of remembering, mulling over and replaying data during our sleeping state that we may not be paying attention to while conscious. Of course, all dreams are open to interpretation, but if we take the time to ponder and question them, as @Ashleyxx1 has, I believe we can learn about ourselves from them. I have.

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