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Is there a limit to how many Fluther activities can you be following?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 9th, 2008

I am following 28 activities as of now. Sometimes, I can’t think of an answer or question to ask so I just navigate through the collective. I want to “bookmark” things, rather follow activity, that I may want to refer back to for a laugh or useful information.

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No there isn’t a limit. Or if it is, the limit is higher than at least 400. I know this because I saw a screenshot of johnpowell’s fluther home page. and he had 400 new activity that he was following. and that would include only the questions with an update. that means he probably has a lot more than 400. So yeah, no limit.

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Im following at least 300, so no.

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As PnL indicated above ^^

check out johnpowell’s activity!

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I was up to about 900 once. It was making my browser crash when I loaded the page. sferik had to go in and delete them for me.

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Thank you to all. I’ll try not to get to 900 jp…seems a little over the top…or maybe not?! nice screenshot, btw.

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This questions alerted me to my bloated questions for me folder, and I just deleted them all. Better than crashing my already finicky computer!

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For the record:

1. There is no limit.

2. We’ve paginated the activity page so it won’t crash any browsers (it was crashing ff2 for breaching the maximum height of a page). But this is now fixed. So follow away.

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Thank you Ben…bowing now ;-}

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