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Is this normal? (look inside for details)

Asked by niks1112 (410points) January 10th, 2013

Over new years I started getting a really bad pain on my tailbone, that gradually made it almost impossible to sit, walk, sleep, and pretty much lay down unless it was in a specific position. Anyways, I went to the doctor 3 days later, and he told me I had a pilonidal cyst. He drained it, left the wound open, gave me an antibiotic, and said it could drain for 2–3 days, therefore I was wearing gauze and all. Everything was fine, until right now, when it began to drain on its own. Its sticky, foul smelling, brownish, and with blood. I thought my wound had already began to heal, so is it normal that a week after the drainage, it drains on its own? if so, how long is it supposed to last? do i go back to the doctor tomorrow morning?

Thanks for any help :)

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I have had a few cysts (mostly on my face and genitals). That seems abnormal to me. I would call the doctor.

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@johnpowell thanks for the response. It seemed quite abnormal to me too, especially because according to him a week after I could already go back to working out. But anyways, I will call the doctor tomorrow morning

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I think since it’s location covers a larger area than @johnpowell yours was healing and must’ve closed up gently, and the fluids were accumulating once again, and then that scar tissue or healed skin must’ve gave out and those fluids were released again. In my opinion it’s normal, but I would still get it checked out. This is the internet after all, and you don’t want to risk infection near your spine.

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Call your doctor right away.

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Sounds like an infection, and I’m pretty sure you don’t need more convincing to get you to call your doctor. Good luck.

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The “foul smelling” part is scary, because you might have an infection. I would contact the physician immediately. A phone call doesn’t take long, and your doctor will either put your mind at ease (it’s normal; don’t worry) or give you the treatment you need.

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It is probably infected. See the doctor for antibiotics. This is nothing to mess with.

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@PaulSadieMartin :: Mine always seem to smell like good cheese from France. So they smell really bad.

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The recovery period can take between 3 days to several Weeks depending upon form of surgery, in your case the wound was left open, as opposed to stitched, therefore it will take longer. The brownish color should be pus mixed with blood and the smell should be a result of the area not receiving air under the gauze, if it is overwhelmingly foul it could be infection.
Take into account that you should have been given instructions for post surgical care to prevent recurrence, infection and complication… If you abided by
these then this should be non serious but I still suggest a follow up with your physician to examine the area and re assure it’s minor nature

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