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Is it o.k. to do Fluther while at work when you have only been there for a month?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 9th, 2008

My husband, I see, has been on Fluther quite a bit at his new job. He doesn’t have his own office and I am not sure what he should be doing. I just don’t feel it is appropriate to be “playing” while on the job this early in the game. This is a GOOD job and I don’t want him to screw it up.

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Unless he works for Fluther, I would think this is a rhetorical question, but the easy way to tell is to review his job description…at least that’s what his supervisors will do when his review comes up.

I would be very concerned as many employers look down on personal use of company computers. Many companies also have “appropriate use” policies for their computers and workplace, and can track anything and everything that goes on in their company’s system; workplace LANs are not private spaces, and supervisors have every right to track internet usage against work duties. In many cases, this even extends to checking personal email.

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Is this a Fluther domestic?

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Thank you sndfreQ. This is EXACTLY what I thought. I am all about doing the right thing in the workplace and that is work. If there is nothing to do, ask your supervisor or FIND SOMETHING. Way back when I had a job in the real world (other than being a domestic engineer, nurse, teacher, etc.), I didn’t even like to receive personal calls at work. There is a time and place for these things and on the job is not one of them.

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i don’t think it is okay to fluther while @ work, period. if i was the employer, i would definitely look down on it. unless the job is slow moving and the employer clearly stated that during free time the employee is free to surf the web, i would refrain from fluthering (no matter how tempting it is). of course he might be using his iPhone…but still. not a good idea.

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Yes PnL, he is also using his iPod and NO…not a good idea either.
@ wildflower: What do you mean? Does he work from home? What do you mean by domestic (sorry if I am a dummy)?

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You’re welcome. Part of my job is management over subordinates who staff my facilities (I work in a media training program at a community college in Southern California). Our chief engineer was found to be browsing the internet on personal and inane activities (online Solitaire for example) for about 40 percent of his work day; he was reprimanded, and was very shocked to see the logs of his activity (not just open windows, but activity that indicated active browsing). This tracking technology not only exists, but is used in efficiency tracking in many corporations (and think, I just work in educational setting)!

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how is he getting his work done if he’s so busy being a teenager? (sorry, but its true!)

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Sorry for being cryptic. What I meant was, is this a couple’s quarrel being played out on Fluther.
As much as I don’t care to take sides in this spat, I’ll have to admit, I’m more like you. Work is not your own time and should be spent on whatever they pay you to do. And I too have people reporting to me and youtubing, forum posting and games do not go unnoticed!

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@ PnL: Maybe he should be at home with the kiddies but then, the house would fall to pieces (LMAO) cause he’d be Fluthering all day! Not that I don’t check it here and there when I have a moment. ;-)
@ wildflwr: no because I have only mentioned it to him and all he hears is Charlie Brown’s teacher! It is something I think we need to talk about and I know where I stand. Not having worked in quite a long time, I wanted some input from our fellow Flutherites (???).

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I fluther on my iPhone at work all the time. If you have a little time, I see no reason you can’t. It would be different if there was a no cell phone clause, or you spend way too much time on fluther. I’m at work right now. :)

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If the employer is paying the employee specifically to be on fluther yes.
If not NO.

You are stealing company time.

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I’ll admit I find myself fluthering at work between tasks, typically when at lunch or waiting for meetings. Doesn’t mean I think it’s right, it’s just a way to do away with idle time.

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Of course its fine just don’t get caugth now

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Depends on the job. I worked at a TV station and I only had about fifteen minutes of real work to do every week. I asked the boss what I should do and he said, “Play on the computer, read, or sleep.” I was basically there to fix something if it broke.

He probably has a better idea of the situation than you do.

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Nah, at least wait anudder month!

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