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Should the pictures taken of Osama bin Laden at the time of his death be released?

Asked by filmfann (44533points) January 11th, 2013

A court is considering whether the pictures taken when Osama bin Laden was killed should be released.
What think you?

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No. It will cause more resentment in many places in the world. It only would fulfill some people’s morbid curiosity. The benefit is not worth the cost.

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I don’t see the purpose, other than convincing those that don’t think he’s actually dead. Then again, they’d probably say it was photoshopped by the government or even Obama himself.

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No, for the reasons that the government stated.

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Absolutely agree with @burntbonez. And… when you think about the havoc cartoons and videos have crfeated, what might gruesome death photos of bin Laden cause?

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I agree with everyone so far. There is no point. It helps noone. It could make things worse.

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Maybe they’ll make a gameshow out of this morbid fascination, All Star Celebrity Gore.
“Fingers on buzzers please, whose head was this…JFK’s or Bin Laden’s?”

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Part of me longs to say yes, release them, he deserves no respect from us for his part in the loss of lives of many Americans. No one seems to care about our feelings when they behead Americans on Al-Jazeera, especially the families.

But I’ll agree it could cause more problems. It may be worth it though, what’s good for the goose ya know.

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I believe that they will have to be eventually under the freedom of information act. I have no desire to see them.

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I don’t see the point. We know he is dead.

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They should be released. Whether you want to see them is another matter. Besides, there are other pictures that will incite violence.

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