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How do I convince my parents to get a cat?

Asked by HodaMNabil (59points) January 11th, 2013

Ok so I live in a villa and have my own garden, and there comes about 10 cats and I am able to touch at least 4, and one of these cats is a house cat, I can tell since the first day he came in the garden he was wearing a Necklace around his neck, the next day it was gone because most probably he tore it of, he has been coming ever since the summer holiday, he still comes and the poor thing sits and cuddles next to the window that is the closest to us, we feed him and he is house trained , and our cousins have a cat the same breed only a different color, our cat is silver and white and my cousins is brownish, everyday it walks with me to school and at some point it goes back to the garden, when my mom used to go the collage I used to let it in for a few minuets then i get it out, it’s school time and the first semester is going to end next week (Thursday 17th) so any can anyone suggest something to tell my parents?

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Sounds to me like you already have a cat.

Seriously. Just try getting rid of it now.

I’ve gotten almost all of my cats this way.

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I’d be careful messing with stray cats. You don’t know if they’re vaccinated or not. Or, if you want to sell the parents on the idea, get a bunch of mice from the pet store and turn them loose in the garden.

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What else do you want to do with this cat? It seems to me you do everything except perhaps let it stay inside. What part of the world do you live in? How old are you?

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Ask your parents if you can start feeding the cat and bring it inside your room. Tell them that you would love to have a pet, and that you want to keep it. That you will look into it’s care and take care of it.

Then you will have to take it to the vet for a check-up.

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Sounds like he might belong to someone else. Probably, his owners let him roam during the day and yours is just one of the houses he visits in his travels. People who let their cats out all day seldom realize that their cats “belong” to several households, not just their own.

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1)You could maybe begin saving for months, and reach a necessary budget, you could write them a affecting letter telling them that you insist on it a lot and that you have been thinking about it for so many years now…specifies out in passing that this is not a whim, but that you feel very alone despite having the people already with you.
2)Works in a company earns a little money, and tell your parents that you’re already financially prepared in managing its daily needs but also its veterinarians needs. Like any animal, this is a budget, and as the argument, I will say that the cat is very independent…
3)Show them that you are able to take care of the animal, waits for a occasion (birthday, Christmas…) reads a lot of things,learn more about cats…
4)Buy a cat. Then they’ll have no choice but to cower beneath the cat’s ultralord powers.

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5)Tell them you’ll look after it, feed it, clean up after it and that it’ll be your cat.
Instead of speaking english, speak cat and miaow non stop. Write down on a bit of paper that you have forgotten how to speak english and your subconscious has gone into it’s most desired mode, feline. Therefore, your parents will pity you and adopt one of your kind to befriend you.

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Better idea…wait till you move out of your parent’s house.

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First of all, are they really against the idea? If they’re kind of on the edge, I’d say tell them all the benefits of getting one . I’d think you should revolve it around yourself, ie: ‘a cat would make me feel better’, ‘I feel lonely sometimes’, ‘I’ll take real good care of it’... things like that perhaps?

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If they’re animal people that’s easy.
Otherwise keep talking about the benefits of having a cat and that you will take care of it, and mostly parents give in after a month or so.
Depends on why you can’t really. If it’s allergies that’s kind of hard..But if you have a separate room you could keep it in then it might be easier to take care of. Also, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor cat. I have 2 indoor cats and we keep them in a back room but let them in occasionally. If it’s the fur factor, stick with getting a short haired cat so there’s less chaos. If you just keep telling them, showing them pictures and saying how much you love them you’ll end up softening them up for one. Make sure you properly train the cat (not too hard) and show them love so that they listen to you and won’t destroy everything they touch
It all really just depends. :)
Or cook some brownies and cast a do-whatever-i-say spell on them, that should work.

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Bottom line…forget the cat.

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