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What can you recommend as fine restaurant in Stamford area?

Asked by sallen501 (4points) January 11th, 2013

I’m looking for a sports themed restaurant.

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Stamford, where?

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If you want something really nice, try Cafe Silvium.

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@gailcalled Stamford is in Connecticut.

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Brickhouse Bar & Grill, 244 Bedfort St.

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@zenvelo: There is also the charming village of Stamford, NY (pop.1600) just across the Hudson river and in the Catskills.

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@gailcalled I was thinking of the Red Carpet Motor Inn in Stamford NY. Awesome ruebens. I think it’s gone now though.

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@jca: No more inane than a lot other stuff here. Boring question # whatever, for example

@Adirondackwannabe; I have no idea. I rarely cross the river. The rule around here is “no Jewish delicatessen food is worth trying in upstate NY”.

Update; Red Carpet Motor Inn lives

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@all – See, now this is spam, to me. A new user asks a question and then answers it with a link to a place that he apparently knew all along.

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@jca It’s always better to get a recommendation from someone who knows the area and has tried some nearby restaurants. Many of those searchable websites are commercial and proprietary—nothing more than advertisements posing as customer reviews. Merchants pay to have their businesses listed and be given good ratings.

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@jca; Give the content of the OP’s answer (just above you) i agree. I’ll flag.

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@PaulSadieMartin: Did you see his last post? SPAM!

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@PaulSadieMartin: AND he answers it as if he did not ask it, like he’s replying to someone else.

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@jca I think that @PaulSadieMartin was responding to your earlier post. TripAdvisor and Urban Spoon are not reliable sources because merchants pay to have their businesses listed and be given good ratings.

As for @sallen501, spammers often lose track of which account they are one. This one probably created more than one and forgot to switch.

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Interesting. Does this mean that that restaurant employs spammers to do stuff like this on various websites?

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@wildpotato Probably. Or more likely, the restaurant just sent one of its regular employees to do it. That would explain why it was so poorly executed. Spam can be a dangerous game, though, in that it backfires very easily. I’m surely not the only one who boycotts spammers, and there are even websites that keep track of companies that employ spam and encourage boycotting them. I report every spammer I see to them.

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I encourage everyone to boycott Bobby V’s just to teach them a lesson.

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Bobby Vs looks horrible. Just a sports bar. They don’t have food there. I bet they wouldn’t even have drinks except they are in Stamford, and those people have uppity tastes.

Although Stella is now owned by an American company.

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@SavoirFaire Thanks for reporting.

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