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How do I access my deleted files on my Ipad?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) January 11th, 2013

It doesn’t have a trash can icon like a regular computer, and I accidentally deleted an email I wanted to keep.

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It sounds like you are referring to a deleted email, right?

What email client do you use? The stock iOS email client? Gmail app? Sparrow?

What is your email provider? Gmail?

Anyway, if you use Gmail as your provider and use either the Gmail app or the stock iOS mail app, you should be able to just browse to your trash folder (on your iPad or in a browser).
If you use some other email provider, again – there should be a trash folder that you can access via the email client you are using on iOS and a browser.

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Thanks @tom_g, but as I said there IS no trash folder on my iPad.

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What about the other details (email provider and iOS email client)?

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How do I find out who they are?

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What email client do you use? The iOS client that is pre-installed? I’ll assume so.

So, you have “inbox”, “sent”, “drafts”, and “trash” folders. When you delete an email, it should go in there.

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The client you use is very important, as it tells you where your email really is.

Personally, I use Gmail; that means that the email is on Google’s servers (it won’t get deleted if my device dies since it isn’t stored on my end) and that I access it through the Gmail app on my phone.

Different clients have slightly different ways of doing things, but there is almost always a place where deleted e-mails are kept for a few days. Maybe “Deleted items”, maybe “Trash”, but it’s a rare thing for them to allow one to delete something thoroughly and quickly.

If we knew for sure which client you used, it would be a cinch for us to say exactly what to do.

Also, just a heads up; e-mails are generally not files on your iPad. Such is the nature of cloud computing and the internet. When I first read the question, I thought you were asking about a file that was in local storage like a song or a spreadsheet for work. Stuff like that is generally inaccessible from iOS since they do not have a normal file system; in fact, some Apple fanbois consider the whole idea of being able to navigate a file structure with it’s folders and stuff to be a mix of archaically primitive and mortally dangerous and consider that lack to be an advantage despite the fact that it means, among other things, that—(unlike Android) there is less-than-zero chance of recovering a deleted file.—
Be glad that it was an email and not an actual file as your question’s title led me to think :)

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@Dutches_III – There is a trash folder on your iPad within the Mail App.

In the top left corner, there is a button… keep tapping that button until there is no more button.

Now you should see a list on the left side of the screen. The first group are labeled “Inboxes” and the second group are labeled “Accounts”.

Under “Accounts” tap the name of the email account the deleted item was sent to/from, and now you will see a list of folders within that account, including “Trash”.

If it is a GMail account, and you don’t see “Trash”, look for “Archived” or just go into “All Mail”.

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