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When can we access the Itunes App Store?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) June 9th, 2008

Will it be later today or at another date?

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I was looking at the Macrumors live blog, and that never came up, unless I overlooked it.

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Well, on the apple website, they say iphone 2.0 is coming soon…. so im guessing its coming at a much later date, maybe late june or early july. i think the update is coming on july 11 when the 3g iphone is released. this way, everyone with iphones can equally access the new features.

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That is what I love about my iPhone- I am automatically given the updates and essentially a new phone.

Great Question!

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It will most likely be July 11.

If you have an ipod touch, it will be available to you through the itunes store, in which you will have to pay $9.95, then you will be able to buy through the appstore “app” on your ipod touch

if you have an iphone, it will automatically come updated in ver 2.0

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like @dingus mentioned, the App Store promotional site just says it’s “coming soon.”

I don’t see any reason to tie the rollout of iPhone 2.0 software (and the App Store) to the availability of the 3G iPhone… the opposite even b/c releasing it earlier will allow Apple time to work out the kinks with the current installed base.

The new 3G iPhone’s really low price point (half the current iPhone’s price) will see a huge influx of new customers and so I’d think they’d want to get the App Store all trim & tidy in advance of July 11.

Just my $0.02.

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You can pretty much guarantee it’ll be out before July 11. It’ll probably roll out gradually though, since millions of downloads/upgrades all at once would probably be too much for Apple to handle.

All the past iPhone updates have rolled out gradually on no specific date, so this will probably be similar. And all 3G iPhones will ship with it already installed, no doubt.

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yeah, i withdraw my previous statement in favor of rob’s reasoning. yes, there should definitely should be cushion time between 2.0 update and 3g iphone to work out any bugs that may arise. cant wait for 2.0!

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As previously stated, 2.0 isn’t quite ready. It is close, but not quite there yet. The App store is not live in the beta.

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So it looks like I was wrong, according to the Australian Apple store, we should see the 2.0 software on June 27th, and the App store in itunes opening on the 27th also.

According to engadget.

scroll down to see “app store” and yes it says the 27th

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