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What's your price?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 12th, 2013

$1,000,000 was the price for Demi in Indecent Proposal… that was for one night of sex with a married woman – what is your price and what do you value the most (if not sex).

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(Loving your final topic!!!)

Okay, I’m not sure if I’m answering this right, so forgive me if I knock it off track…

For me, I would give all the money I could (a long way short of a million dollars!) for spending a day with certain people who are no longer in my life. Most notably, my deceased father. I would use the day to get to know him, to ask all sorts of questions about him, to have the possibility of being hugged by him and being told he loved me and was proud of me.

Answering the question a different way…

I don’t think I would let myself be bought for a night of sex like this as I think it would impact on my relationship too much, and too irretrievably. If we were in a desperate situation for money and our lives were in danger then I wouldn’t rule it out, but I still think the overall impact would be too destructive.

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$35 and a six pack (coke).

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A scotch egg & a glass of Um Bongo…dey drink it in de congo you know!

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Ugh! I’m cheap.

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In my attempt to go green, I’ll take $8,000 and one of these. : )

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I guess it would depend on if my husband were agreeable to the proposal and if we both felt like I could do it and forget about it. I wouldn’t do it for less than a million dollars, though.

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I have a cardboard sign. Will fuck for food.

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I have a sign: will fuck @Symbeline for free – and will feed anyone who comes over – I make a mean lasagana. Soup’s on, folks.

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Dammit… bunch a people hittin’ on my new wife. I’m startin’ to get a mite upset.

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Don’t feel left out. I’ll fuck you too.

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Oh, well then. That changes things. Come on over, Mr. Stewart.

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Psssht. Damn copycat.

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LOL being married is awesome.

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Like most women, I would do it for a really nice pair of shoes.

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It really depends on who I’m gonna be having sex with. Stewart, Connery or Jackman? For free. Any of my ex-es? Nothing under 10 million will make me consider it.

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@zensky As I’m sure you’re aware, there is no price at which I would bonk a pestilent, disease-ridden pussy cat, like your present avatar. I hate cats. With a passion. They smell. They shed. They have hairballs.

@Symbeline, of course, could have me cheap. A million ought to do it. Everyone else has to pay my normal fee. I charge very competitive rates.

And you, sir, are a trouble maker. No nookie for you, tonight.

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As much as money might greatly improve my quality of life, I can’t imagine compromising my values or the well-being of others for any sum of cash.

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Every party needs a pooper.

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@Dr_Lawrence I’ll give you 10 bucks if you…

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@wundayatta Damnit I don’t got no million bucks. I’m a trailer trash whore, feel sorry for me.

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@Symbeline Trailer trash whore? Oh, the price just doubled. You beeyitches got all your whorin’ gains hidden away in the hubcaps. I know that. Don’t be crying them crocodile tears at me. I know you!

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@wundayatta What you talkin’ bout, mate? My trailer doesn’t even have wheels, it’s supported by cinder blocks. XD

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Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

I use the term “lady” loosely, of course.

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Ye’d best. :D

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