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Who would be your dream cellmate if you ever ended up in prison?

Asked by mazingerz88 (18967points) January 12th, 2013

Just for fun, jellies. : )

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Not some guy called Bubba that’s for damn sure.

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Have you ever seen Madea Goes to Jail?
I pick Madea…

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The guy that had the key to open the door to let me back out would be the ideal cellmate.

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I don’t even want to think about it.

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Andre the Giant.

I’d become his pal, then he’d hopefully protect me, heh.

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Sharon Stone, shes hot.

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I got it…

Chuck Zito

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A years supply of Happy Brownies.

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Just one cellmate? What is this the Marriott Prison for the Rich and Powerful?!
Assuming it would only be one cellmate, @Blondesjon hit the nail on the head.

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…. I changed my mind about Madea.
I want this guy

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Johnny Depp. I would sooooooo be his bitch!

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@AshLeigh Can’t decide if that’s scary or disturbing.

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It’s hilarious!

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I dunno, but she’d be female, really interesting, and beautiful. That would make the days go by faster. Hell, I might not want to get out at the end.

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Assuming it would have to be same sex…. If not, then what @burntbonez An amazing woman would be great lol.

If same sex, then Chuck Norris. I figure no one would mess with me anyways, it is Chuck Norris…. And then perhaps he could teach me some crazy shit.

This list is relevant haha.

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@Symbelline. I figure that inmates are a lot like zombies and there’s no one you’d want to be with you around zombies more than you’d want @Symbelline. Besides which, she’d be easy on the eyes. Not to mention the pillows she’d bring.

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@Coloma Hey not fair! Didn’t know we could have food instead. Much rather bring food. Bugger Sharon Stone loll.

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Sharon Stone can be food if you’d like :/

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