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What do you think this song is about?

Asked by RockerChick14 (951points) January 12th, 2013 from iPhone

To me it’s about a girl who avoids reality when a loved one dies but she decides to face reality after she avoided it for a long time.

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To me it seems to be about someone who has lived in a fantasy world and is woken by love to the real world.

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It’s a lovely song. Here’s the lyrics. It could be recovery from an unrequited love, a love lost to breakup, or lost to death. It’s hard to say whether the word “death” is meant literally of figuratively. If I were the song writer, I would have deliberately written in the ambiguity I see there so that it could be meaningful to a wide audience, from those whose first teenage crush end up seeing their admiration blow up in their faces to jilted lovers just recovering from the shock of a love gone bad; and finally, to those who have lost to death someone who seemed to be vital to their every breath. I suspect the poet who crafted those lyrics meant them to cover all the above.

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To me it is about growing up and about breaking through. How someones death can force you to grow up and you have no control over that. Innocence that is now gone.

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To me this song is about an abusive relationship. But I can also see the growing up and breaking through. I really wonder what the writer was thinking about and what state that he/she was in when they wrote this.

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