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Is this whole Lance Armstrong doping thing a fiasco or a charade? Both make him look stupid.

Asked by elbanditoroso (22416points) January 12th, 2013

We all know that Lance Armstrong doped himself when he won all those races. In my mind, there has never been any doubt.

But these last few weeks – when he has been debating whether to admit it (what’s the value when everyone knows?) and deciding to announce it on Oprah or some other channel—seems like the it’s turning the whole thing into a charade.

I don’t see how admitting it now (on Oprah, ESPN, or the Comedy Channel) makes any difference to anyone. Why is Armstrong playing these silly games? His reputation is in tatters, he is a known cheater – what’s the point?

In my opinion, the best thing he could do is to shut up and stay out of the limelight for the next 10 years.

Is there any method to what he is doing?

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For him tp admit it would be good. It would take any doubt out of anyone’s mind. It would lay the whole thing to rest.

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Supposedly, he is hoping that if he admits it, they’d allow him to compete again. They anti doping agency wants him to tell them how he managed to get away with it for so long, so they can improve their methods.

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Neither fiasco nor charade, it’s a very sad and all-too prevalent example in our society of how heros figures delude themselves into believing they are above the law. To me the irony is that he probably could have won many of the races without doping (which, by the way, I am totally against) and could have been eternally remembered for the good things he accomplished rather than as a cheater. Sad.

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I think his ego is just that massive. He thinks it is of vital importance that he tell his story… whatever that story happens to be this week.

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The arrogant prick’s digging such a deep hole, he’ll reach the earth’s core before long.

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Lance is an ass.
As a rabid cyclist myself, he has brought shame to the sport.

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He’s set to make some money from playing one network off another as to where he comes clean. As he’s unlikely to make much money from future prospects I’m guessing he’s trying to make as much as possible while people are still interested.

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I’m still wondering if there was some kind of tricky thinking about what doping really means, and if there was some sort of alternative medication involved.

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Lance brought shame to the sport? What about all the other bicyclists who did doping too? What about all his teammates? What about all his competitors? What about the people who couldn’t control the sport? The sport is awash with dope and there’s no way to ever trust it again, no matter how much they do.

If Lance hadn’t doped, then we wouldn’t know who he is. He never would have won anything. Instead he was a great story for a while, until people found out he did the same thing everyone else did and called him a cheater.

Frankly, I think the audience is just as much to blame. We were the ones who wanted an American Hero. We were the ones who were willing to pay so much to him to win. Not directly, but by buying the products that companies sold to us by hiring him to speak for them. To come down hard on Lance now is hypocritical to the extent that it does not recognize our role in creating the pressure for Lance to win. If we never cared about him, he never would have found it necessary to do what it took to compete.

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I’m guessing he’s doing it to help out the cancer charities with which he’s involved.
While he’s controversial they are taking a bit of a hit.

Why would he want to get back into competition at this point? Without all the special help he’ll be second rate. And any meet he’d take part in should insist on a blood test every kilometre or so.

Besides that I don’t doubt that his ego is struggling to redeem him, by ‘explaining’ his situation. The rest of us know his situation, he doped. but as @wundayatta notes so has every other top cyclist of Lance’s era. What to do about that, who knows? But he is far from the only rule-breaker in this regard.

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I’m not particularly into cycling but with the exception of Cadel Evans I would be hard pressed to name more than a couple of other top cyclists, Armstrong being one. That’s why his fall from grace could be argued as being more damaging than all the other cheats. Also, weren’t the French after him for years and he kept denying and denying his cheating and most of the cycling fraternity supported him? That’s a genuine question – I haven’t gone and researched this. It seems to be there in my memory though. I imagine that makes those who did support him feel and look like either idiots or that they were also in on the whole joke.

Why would he go on Oprah – money. That would be my guess and if @hearkat is correct to shore up any future return to cycling in some form. Although if they allow him any serious involvement it really does make them look like a bunch of asses from where I’m sitting.

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Lance Armstrong seems increasingly to be a sociopath. During his competitive years, his behavior was atrocious. Now that he’s been backed into a corner, he’s playing charades to salvage something for his future. Good luck with that.

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