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Would you or have you used dog shampoo and conditioner on your own hair?

Asked by Aster (19984points) January 12th, 2013

Just got a big bottle of Buddy Wash dog shampoo and conditioner and am curious how it would do on my hair.
Have you tried it and liked it ? Or disliked it?

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Has it been tested on animals?

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No, but I tried shampoo for horse’s mane. (Got talked into it by a friend who read an article about how shiny horse’s manes could be and why not human’s?) Used it 2 weeks. My hair started falling out. That was enough of that, thank you.

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Natural Conditioners & Botanical Extracts

Cloud Star is dedicated to protecting the environment for all of our animal and human friends. This package is made from recyclable materials.

Buddy Wash is not tested on animals and is safe for use on humans. Your dogs will not mind sharing!

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It seems you answered your own question @Aster. Not quite sure why you want to use your dog’s shampoo but it would appear from the label, it’s safe to do so. Give it a go and see if you get a nice shiny coat oops sorry hair.

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Yeah, I want to try it tonight just for fun. Doesn’t take much for Me !

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Nah, it’s good for dand-woof though, or so i’ve heard.

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It may be fine and it may be great but I don’t think I would. Heck, some shampoo is dirt cheap, like Suave was on sale at my local supermarket this week for 66 cents a bottle, I don’t think I would have a need to use dog shampoo.

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There is a brand called Alloveen, their shampoo and conditioner is fantastic. I often use it because I like the smell and what it does for hair and coat. I once had a groomer who couldn’t stand doggy smells so everyday before she left she would wash her hair with dog shampoo, it went on for years and she had beautiful hair. If you read the ingredients most are the same or similar. I also don’t think it hurts to wash dogs in people shampoo. I think it is simply a marketing ploy when manufacturers of pet shampoo say different.

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But I do like dry dog food for a snack every now and then ~

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My head is sensitive I don’t think it would go over well. With all the human product in the store & I can’t even make a choice from that I sure as heck don’t want to start adding a doggie hair care to the human product as well then I won’t know what to do…I also do not want to smell like a wet dog, thank you.

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@blueiiznh – I wouldn’t even feed that stuff to my dogs!

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I did it and I can’t tell any difference between the dog stuff and my people stuff. Just an experiment. I have plenty of both.

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