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How secure is skype?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) January 13th, 2013

Just curious, can we trust skype as a secure form of communication? I know if we put anything on the internet it’s wide open for anyone. But how about skype? I’m not all that familiar with it. Is it safe?

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I asked a similar question not too long ago and got this helpful reply. It may appear that hackers and viruses just might be finding their way onto our computers via Skype.

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Always assume someone might be listening in. It’s the lovely invigilation age we are living in.

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Skype, just like anything else on the Internet, is subject to being overheard.

Here is the way that stuff works in an ideal world:

Your computer -> Skype server -> other guy’s computer

Here is the way that stuff could actually work.

Your computer -> router -> hacked router -> router -> Skype server -> more routers -> other computer

Basically, anybody in the data transport chain could be listening in. It’s like a mail service. Chances are, nobody is reading your letters; however, should someone want to read your mail, there isn’t anything stopping him.

About the viruses, I’m not so sure that there could be viruses (actually worms) that could travel through the Skype system, as it would require that the recieved data to be executed directly on the CPU.

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