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Could I ask for a get well soon for a former jelly?

Asked by Jussange (724points) January 13th, 2013

I consider him a very good friend and all and am very worried about him. My father came back from the States and informed me that King_Pariah was shot and is in the hospital in critical condition. Wouls it be possible to get some jellies to give him a get well? I know he has left fluther, but I do know that he enjoyed this site very much. I’d be willing to convey your get wells to him. Thank you.

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Best hopes for a speedy and complete recovery.

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Thank you for letting us know @Jussange. I am so sorry to hear this. I hope he is fully recovered very soon. Can you please let us know how he is? The best way might be to message the site manager @augustlan who can let any concerned members know. I wasn’t aware he had left and I hope he will come back when he is well.

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Oh no! Please let him know I’ll be thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery. We miss him here.

Thank you for sharing this news, and for offering to convey our good wishes.

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@Jussange By all means send him my best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. I remember him well and miss his participation here.

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Holy crap! That totally sucks! Tell him that we are thinking about him. Hope he recovers quickly and completely. What kind of world are we living in???
I also hope that they catch whoever did this and bring them to justice.

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Oh no. :( I’m most certainly offering my support, and I send all my best wishes. Let’s hope for a recovery for him.

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Can’t say the name’s familiar, but if the dude got shot he carries my best wishes as a matter of course.

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Get well soon, King Pariah.

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OMG! I am so sorry to hear this. I thought King Pariah was a definite benefit to Fluther. Do you have any more details?. I Am so sorry to hear this. I just read about 2 movie theater shootings in the Southern California area, where I live, so this makes me sad, anxious and worried about our friend. If you are in touch with him, please give him my regards.

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Also please provide updates if it’s possible? The community here would love to know how things are going.

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Good thoughts being sent to him now. I hope everything works out for him. Let us know.

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This is terrible. @Jussange, thank you and kindly update us on his status if that’s ok. : (

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Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that, @Jussange. Thanks so much for letting us know. Please send him our best wishes. We’ll be keeping him in our thoughts.

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All the best to him and hope he gets well soon! Hope to see him around here some day!

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I am so sorry to hear this. I will keep him in my thoughts and send positive energy.

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That’s horrible. I hope he recovers fast and well. Please keep us updated.

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Oh, how awful! Yes, please give him hugs and my best wishes, and please keep us updated on his recovery.

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Best wishes from me too… I remember King Pariah well and miss his contributions.

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I remember him. Get well soon card atcha.

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Oh wow. I’ll definitely keep him in my thoughts. Thanks for letting us know, and if you learn anything else, do keep us updated.

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I didn’t knew him, but I do remember the name and I wish him the best.

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Of course. I hope for a good, healthful recovery.

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I’m flying out this weekend to check up on him. I’ll be sure to convey everyone’s get wells.

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I remember him dearly and wondered why he had left. I hope he recovers soon and wish to see him back here when he is well.

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So sorry to hear about this unfortunate incident. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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Oh wow, that’s awful. I hope that he recovers soon.

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Hey everyone, I’m back with an update. KP was shot in the gut, the reason why he ended up in critical condition is because A) The Bystander Effect, B) He didn’t have his phone on him to call for help/it apparently never crossed his mind to try to ask for someone’s phone, C) He walked home for help which all resulted in massive blood loss. He’s currently on the road to recovery and thanks everyone for their support.

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What a beast! Let him know we are all anxious for the day he comes and tells us how well he’s doing himself. Hope he recovers quickly and completely.

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Thank you @Jussange. Do give him our love. We will be waiting to hear he is home from hospital and well.

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I’m just so pleased to know that he is still amongst the living. Poor fellow. Definitely tell him hello again from the Fluther gang and please convince him to come back on here, when he’s feeling better to let us know how he is.

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Whew! Glad he’s on the mend. Tell him we miss him. :)

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Sweeet! Very glad to hear about him being on the road to recovery. This kicks ass. :)

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He didn’t even want to bother anybody for their phone when he had a bullet in his gut? Now that’s real class and grace under pressure. What a gentleman. I wouldn’t have stopped screaming frantically like a wimp. I would Fluther and demand that @Symbeline come immediately to my rescue!

GREAT HAPPY NEWS…thank you. : )

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Hey everyone, little update. KP is out of the hospital and seems to be doing well. As for coming back to Fluther, he says he had fun with you all and misses the discussions but as he put it, “I probably shouldn’t, I can’t risk breaking my emotional checkmate.” Yeah, I’ve known him for almost 6 years and I’m not even sure what that means.

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@Jussange That’s wonderful to hear! I’m so glad he’s doing well. I really appreciate that you took the time to let us know about the King’s injury and update us on his recovery – thank you!

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Thanks for the update. So he’s out of the hospital now, great news. And I hope he does come by once in a while and say hi. Tell him to take it easy. :)

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I glad to hear that he’s recovering well!

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This is good news. I miss seeing his posts but I respect his decision. I am very glad he is out of hospital and doing well. This is great news. Thank you again for taking the time to keep us informed. It really is very kind of you.

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Thanks for keeping us updated, @Jussange! So glad to hear he’s doing well. :)

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