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What's your default breakup music when things don't work out?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) January 13th, 2013

I don’t know if this necessarily counts as a breakup; we only knew each other for three weeks. Anyway, are there any specific tunes you listen to that are cathartic, induce rage at the seeming “unfairness”, make you happy, make you sad, etc. In other words, what’s your breakup playlist?
I’m listening to Adele right now, since her album 21 is all based on a breakup
I don’t mean to get too melodramatic, but I’ve had a series of messed up dalliances since I started dating again and all I want to do is blast music, cry, and drink White Russians.

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Modest Mouse – Exit Does Not Exist

Sunlight 7:20 pm early September
Standing looking at a photograph
That you do not remember
Being taken; you look out of breath
And me like I am faking
As a matter of fact I don’t recall
This photo being taken
You don’t even actually exist
So I just started shaking.

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Depends on whether I am feeling melancholic or angry. I tend to vascillate between the two feelings.

Melancholy might bring on the need for something like Sinead O’Connor’s Nothing Compares.

As anger sets in a bit of Frenzal works better. I like to sing something something like this very loud.

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The entire “A Lesson in Romantics” album by Mayday Parade. I’m not really into the style of music under normal circumstances…but it helps me remember that I’m not the only one who has ever been hurt. And I get to experience an entire range of emotions in under an hour, which is always good for getting me completely exhausted quickly, so I can pass out on the couch and stop thinking so much.

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The musical, The Fantasticks . “This Plum is Too Ripe” in particular.

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@serenityNOW I’m sorry to hear about your pain. It doesn’t matter how long the relationship lasted. The pain is real. I second @Sunny2. The Fantasticks is marvelous. Here’s “This Plum is too Ripe.”

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@Sunny2 I’m sorry if I stole your thunder.

How could I forget this

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Power of Goodbye- Madonna

Here are some 80’s-style breakup tunes:

Break Up Song- The Greg Kihn Band.

Early in the Morning- by The Gap Band.

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I don’t sign up to that shit, I know it’s a help mechanism for some & that’s fine, but I only listen to music when i’m already happy, sad songs might say so much to some, but not for me.

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I’m pretty sure Pretty Hate Machine is the quintessential breakup album.

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I used to listen to a lot of Counting Crows

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Stars and Stripes Forever! Think I’m kidding? Anyone who’s seen the sweet and wonderfully odd little movie called Dummy with Adrien Brody will know exactly what I’m talking about.

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I’m sorry to hear that :-/ It sure can be frustrating putting yourself out there when all you find is a bunch of messed up dalliances. I know that feeling all too well.

Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty is a good one. As @Zakat said about another album, this one goes through a wide range of emotions, from anger to desperation to absurdity to melancholy, to a sort of aching acceptance at the end.

Black Market Music and Meds by Placebo also serve this purpose well, but I find I have to limit my exposure to this group, because they are just exquisitely melancholy. I guess that deep down, I’m not depressive enough!

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Sinead O’Connor -Nothing Compares To You

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Lots of Fiona Apple.

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@bookish1 Oh, I knew there was a reason we’re friends. Haha. Nothing beats the older, significantly more angsty Matchbox Twenty.

Mad Season is an incredibly underrated album.

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I saw them in concert (Matchbox 20) a couple of months ago. They were great and there are a number of their songs that would work when you are in that break-up space.

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@Zakat: I’m with you, man. Very underrated. Really good songs and excellent orchestration. I got that album when I was in 5th grade or so and loved it, but it took me another 10 years to realize that it was a breakup album. LMFAO.

@Bellatrix: Super cool! I had no idea they were even together anymore after Rob Thomas’s solo stuff. Now there’s a man I’d like to have a hand at with my gay agenda, haha…

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@bookish1 I saw them years ago and I think they have improved. They were good back then but seemed more ‘together’ this time around and relaxed. I think Rob’s pretty cute too :-)

@serenityNOW talking of concerts made me think of Carole King, Will you still love me tomorrow and the even more appropriate It’s too late. Or Bread, lots of lovely songs to go along with a break-up including Lost without your love or Diary. The Police Bed’s too big without you or So Lonely. There there’s Love don’t live here anymore by Rose Royce or Madonna (up to you which you prefer).

Hope you are feeling better @serenityNOW.

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@bookish1 @Bellatrix YES the new album is great!

I’ve recently learned to play and sing “Overjoyed” and “How Long” during my most recent break-up space.

Which probably reflects a personal problem or two…and I just love admitting them to strangers. Hehe

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Uh, oh – might have jumped the gun… I think we reconciled; still, appreciate the suggestions!

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Do you want some ‘in love in the early days’ type music now? :-) Good to hear. Toes and fingers crossed for you.

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@Bellatrix – Thanks! Nah, I think we should keep this list going; who knows who else it will benefit… I was listening to You’re So Vain – I found that one comforting, fyi.

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This is a beautiful song for when things don’t work out and it’s all your own fault.

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