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Will you help me find a new tv series to watch?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) January 13th, 2013

I remember @posionantidote did this for movies according to taste. I was really impressed by all the wonderful suggestions and watched a few that I had not seen.

So I was hoping ya’ll might be able similar for me. I am looking for something more light hearted, comedic though my favorites fall generally under sci fi or drama.

Here’s a list of my favorites and why I liked them so much.

Pretty much any thing Joss Whedon though diehard Firefly fan. His dialogue and character work borders on cheesy or campy but somehow he makes it work.

Justified, True Blood, and Deadwood. They have brillaint mythic almost lyrical dialogue while dealing with darker side of humanity.

House, sons of anarchy, breaking bad, true blood, bones, Mad Men (admittedly haven’t seen all seasons of these but what I did see was enjoyable and compelling) I like the character building very complex characters and the shows were about character development rather then episodic redundancy. Also many of these shows were so nuanced and informed great shooting and soundtracks actors that truly owned their roles.

Battlestar galaxy I watched all the way through and had me on the edge of my seat. Love that it was sci fi and great characters, one thing I donmt like about sci fi is that it is so consuming. With so many offshoots and its hard to commit to that upfront, of course they did add offshoots to that and I may have seen a few episodes of this that or the other it was no longer convenient to continue. Like star trek or Star gate and sg 1 though I did see quite a few of these they were often out of order and found they were more formulaic.

Scrubs I thought was funny and apparently I have a penchant for musical numbers, the singing in angel, the musical in buffy and the dramatized dream of cutty’s from house were some of the most memorable moments.

Ok if you are still reading I thank you and appreciate any suggestions.

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Doctor Who
Bored to Death

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The Wire
Six Feet Under

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Six Feet Under and Dexter are excellent.
I am watching The West Wing right now because I missed it when it was on TV, it’s fabulous.
Boston Legal is great too.

With Carinvale, it’s great but they stopped making it so you are left up in the air.
I would check on IMDB to make sure the series haven’t been cancelled before starting to watch them.

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Monk (although not new, it is in the vein of the 2 Sherlock Holmes series and has a wonderful ensemble cast)
Glee, you said you liked musicals, this is THE musical TV series. You need to watch it from the beginning, though, because it has a real story.
The Big Bang Theory, because it’s just about the funniest thing on TV. You should watch it from the beginning, so you get an idea of the story arc and the characters, but after you’ve seen a whole season, you can watch the re-runs and laugh your head off, as we often do.
If you liked House, you’d probably like Grey’s Anatomy. I came in mid stream, but I just asked a lot of questions and got caught up quickly. Very dramatic and complicated in the best of ways. Bring your tissues though.
Two of my favorite current dramas are Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. But you must see them from the beginning, as they are episodic. But well worth it.

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Detective Conan.

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If you want comedy and sci-fi try Red Dwarf. It’s back on Netflix. The first two seasons are a little crude but it pays off.

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Six Feet Under

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Being Human was a fantastic series. Not the American version. Ew. But the original BBC series. Watch it in order, please. ^_^

In fact, most of the shows I watch are from Across the Pond. Jekyll, Sherlock, Midsomer Murders…

I love Doctor Who. But it is an investment to be a Whovian. The show has 50 years behind it, so you might want to find a Whovian friend to field the questions you’ll doubtless have when you dive in. (I’m available. ^_^)

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Great suggestions everyone. I have seen a few of these and forgot to mention them or didn’t want to make my list too long.

A few of these I have never even heard of and will have to look up.

And quite a few I have seen trailer’s for and either slipped my mind and no one triggered it.

I by the way love BBC too. For some reason if I ever buy a series from over there which I do for my will watch the commentary and probably watch again collection the first disk is always jacked up and won’t even play the first time… Have you ever encountered that @Seek_Kolinahr?

Oh and Dr Who I am already messed up on. I like the series but I have seen bits and pieces of it and that kind of disappoints me. But one day I will undoubtedly watch it.

I will have plenty of entertainment in the future. Thanks again everyone.

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@rosehips Now bring on the nachos and wine coolers!

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The Riches


Twin Peaks

sadly, these all lasted just 2 seasons each

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I loved The Riches! Yet again though, and as you say @jonsblond, a great series cancelled! I have been watching Boss with Kelsey Grammar. I am really enjoying it but it has also apparently been cancelled after two series. That 666 Park Avenue is supposed to be good too – cancelled.

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@rosehips All the DVDs I watch come from the public library system, and I’ve never had a problem unless the disc itself is damaged.

But if you’re buying British DVDs, and you have a region-specific DVD player, no they won’t work. We use Region 1 in the US – if you flip the case over, you should see a logo something like this If it has a 1 or a 0, it should work in an region-specific DVD player. Britain uses Region 2.

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Also – the Faceplace is going apeshit over what Stephen Moffat has done to Doctor Who. I’ve only watched up to the end of the 4th season, so anything newer than that I can’t comment on, but some people have pushed spoilers that don’t make me happy. I might just go back to Tom Baker episodes and wait for the 12th Doctor to come around.

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There does seem to be a trend of cancelling really good shows. Some people have no vision.

@Seek_Kolinahr Our library has a very limited selection though there is a pawn shop that has a broad array you kinda have to haunt it in order to be picky.

But they were all 1’s just a weird quirk I suppose. And you lost me with the second bit. I am aware there is an old Dr. Who I have seen a handful of episodes in random order. I am aware there is a newer Dr. Who I have probably seen the most from this category. Then for some reason they switched Dr. Who’s as in the casting but did they restart the series or just continue on. And I have no idea how many seasons there are of any of them. Yes it would fairly easy to look up. But then I might have to watch all of them and then I would know just how many I had to watch. lol

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Doctor Who has been running nearly consistently since the 1960s, with the exception of a hiatus from the mid-80s to 2005 during which there was just one movie (and it was kind of lame).

There have been eleven Doctors. The short version is that The Doctor is 900+ years old and quasi-immortal: when he’s almost dead he regenerates and becomes a different person with all the same memories. So it’s the same story, with a different actor as the same character.

Everyone has their favourite Doctor. Mine are Tom Baker (1974–1981) and David Tennant (2005–2010).

Back in the day, it was a half-hour series that just went on forever. Now you get about ten one-hour episodes a year, but the quality is hella better than, say, the 60s. They’re still fighting the Daleks: the bad guy that turned the educational program to a cult phenomenon.

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