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Reasons for a machine would drop?

Asked by Deshi_basara (396points) January 14th, 2013

On an active domain set up with passwords that expire every 90 days, would failure to log a profile off of said machine after the logged in account has been either altered or disabled cause the machine to lose association with the domain?

If I failed to make sense in my question, then let’s just go with; what are the reasons a machine would drop itself from an active domain that it was assigned to?

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Figured it out.

For inquiring minds:

When a Kerberos ticket expires and the domain is not set to refresh tickets, then authentication is locked down. In order for the user to remain in session the server will kick association to the domain rather than boot the user from the machine.

So yes ladies and gents, you do need to shut down your computers when you leave work. Otherwise you’re going to annoy your local tech support.

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