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Any other jellies think Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech was a bizarre ramble?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) January 14th, 2013

She rambled and rambled, and it felt very awkward and bizarre. I actually started to feel uncomfortable with the level of awkwardness, and almost changed the channel.

Did any of you see it and feel the same way?

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I completely agree. I asked my husband if she was on crack or something, and I really like her as an actress. Odd.

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So apparently she was coming out as a lesbian, that would explain the intense energy. Guess I missed that.

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she came out as being single.

I was surprised they did not cut her off, most of what she said was mindless fluff anyway

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It was not scripted, it was from the heart. She is very private, and was acknowledging she had a long relationship with a woman who still has a place in her life even though they are no longer a couple. If you think she missed the mark on “coming out” you missed what she was saying about privacy.

Some of it did ramble around, but some of was very heartfelt, especially her talking to her mom who suffers from dementia.

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Never saw it, but most of these acceptance speeches are sentimental, gushing garbage.
Liked Daniel Day Lewis referencing the parachuting queen from the olympic opening ceremony, raised a smile from Daniel Craig too.

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Lame. Pathetic. Jodie Foster. She can’t even say the word? That’s some self-hatred, right there.

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I liked her speech. It was a bit rambling but she was making a point about privacy. It seemed like she was nervous.

I loved her work up to a “big announcement” just to prove her point about how crazy society has gotten with revealing information that really should be private.

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I would have liked it more if I had actually gotten the message she was trying to convey, but I thought she was just drunk or hinting about her retirement. Totally blew by me but I wish her, as well as anyone else on this planet, happiness in her life choices.

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I agree with @tinyfaery. Reminded me of a couple of self-loathing gay people I know. Self-indulgent and defensive at the same time.

She would have been better to say nothing.

I would direct her to Ellen DiGenerous’ acceptance speech for her Mark Twain award for an example of displaying grace in accepting who you are and how it effects your art.

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@zenvelo I didn’t miss any of what she said, and I knew the point she was getting at, but if she was trying to do something positive for people who want to either come out or retain their privacy, all she did was create an incredibly bizarre moment that seemed to be more for her own ego wanting attention than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Jodie Foster, but last night was just… fucking weird.

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She’s just been dealing with all these things about her sexuality and got tired of not wanting to come out publicly and here was her chance to finally let out her frustrations and so she did…she wanted to make a point about privacy but there was a lot of other stuff in there that made me go ‘wth?’ especially in the end.

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I thought it was fine and sort of sweet. She was just excited and happy. As far as her sexuality, she was trying to acknowledge that she is gay, but probably only because her former partner and their children were present and she wanted to express her feelings to them on such a special occasion. She’s gay but she is single. She and her long-time partner are still friends, but have broken up. She also was just talking a lot about the fact she’s spent her entire life (literally since early childhood) in front of the cameras. The part addressed to her mother was because her mother has late stage dementia and she was hoping if she told her she loved her three times that one of them might register.

Rambling, yes. A combination of excitement, nerves, emotional, yes. A bizarre ramble? No.

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I did not watch the ceremony and have not seen the whole of her speech, but this article in the Guardian about the rhetoric of her speech is poignant. I liked the edited version of her speech I saw.

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She should have gone on Oprah or The View to unload all that.

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Here’s a well-written, short piece by George Takei about Ms. Foster’s coming out.

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