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Getting my first smartphone. Do you have any advice?

Asked by Seek (34709points) January 14th, 2013

So, I’ve said forever that I didn’t see the need for a smartphone, but it turns out it’ll make my work life a lot easier if I have one. So, I’m biting the bullet.

That doesn’t mean I’m not still a penny pinching so-and-so. Virgin Mobile has a $35 a month unlimited smartphone plan. Since I hate talking to people on the phone, 300 talk minutes is just about bang on. Everyone else can email me or wait until we see each other in meatspace.

So, the question is, which phone do I buy? Half of my brain immediately wants to jump to a tiny sale price, but the other half knows if I buy a cheap phone that ultimately sucks, it’ll be worse than the knockoff Blackberry I’m currently using.

Local area info: 3g service is available at my house, and I can get 4g WiMax downtown, where I work.

The contenders:
HTC Evo V 4g Pro: 4g. Mobile hotspot for $15 more. 4.3 inch touchscreen. Comes with 8gig SD memory, expandable to 32gig. Con: Reviews say battery life isn’t all that hot.

iPhone 4 8g Pro: I can be the hippest hipster from ten minutes ago. Con: $200 more than the HTC, and no 4g.

Samsung Galaxy S II 4g Pro: Also mobile hotspot, bigger screen, better battery, also 4g. Con: $180 more than HTC.

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