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Definitley not pregnant and 4 days late?

Asked by Petra29 (4points) January 14th, 2013

Hi there,

I hope some one can help me. I am always a regular 28 day cycle girl, my periods are always very very light, just thick brown and will be over in a day and a half, i do get quite bad pain too. I am now 4 days late with very slight lower back cramps and sometimes a tiny bit in the lower stomach, but no sign of period, I havent been sleeping id say past 7 nights have been rubbish and im now feeling tied. I want to start trying for kids in 6 months but I just dont know why i am late, been no more stressed than normal just not been sleeping great, any advice much appreciated, im 29 and have been off the pill 11 months, my first 2 months took a while to get into a regular cycle but then after 2 months it was every 28 days, ive been same weight for past 8 years too, its all a bit odd? x

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It happens. If you’re truly concerned, contact your doctor.

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thanks for the reply, so this is quite normal? Ive made an appointment to see my doctor a week today so if nothing happens by then I think I will be bit more anxious than I am now, hoping a goods night sleep will do me some good x

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I have had g/f’s and female friends who were as late as two weeks with no actual pregnancy. Stress can put off the onset of your period, making it worse because you are stressed that you haven’t gotten it yet.

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Thanks Tedd, Yeah my work friends said I need to stop obsessing over it and forget about it, getting a glass of wine now and hoping this will help me sleep, thank you x

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