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We'll be visiting New Orleans later this month - does anyone have recommendations?

Asked by hearkat (22837points) January 14th, 2013

It is coincidence that we’ll be there right before the Super Bowl – which I’m sure will have its pros and cons.

The only limitation is my pain – I can’t be on my feet for more than a couple hours at a stretch.

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I have longed to go to New Orleans, and to have lunch at Antoine’s

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@hearkat I hope you feel better and have a great time; it’s one of my dreams to be there at the Mardi Gras (in fact let me youtube Paul Simon’s song la la la).Enjoy.

Just the song no video easy listening plus lyrics

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Go to the Commanders Palace in the Garden District for dinner. And of course beignets and coffee at Cafe Du Monde. (Go early, like before ten a.m., so you don’t wait for a table.)

And Acme Oyster House for lunch. There’s always a line, but it’s worth it.

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There is an A&P in the heart of the old section (Veiux Carre) where you can get many of the food stuffs they sell in the tourist shops for much less. I’m sure that’s true for other grocers away from the very touristy places.
They have a nice zoo. And a good art museum.
And do rent a wheel chair. It will make things much easier.
Have a good time..

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Antoine’s and/or Commander’s Palace. Eat your way through town. Have crawfish etoufee. Try a muffaletto. Have beignets and coffee with chicory.

For great music, go to Tipitina’s.

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In addition to the above, I recommend a drink (highly recommend the Pimm’s Cup) at Napolean’s House, a tavern on Chartres Street in the French Quarter. A stroll through the old cemetaries is a must-do! (Saint Louis Cemetary No. 1). Since you have foot pain, maybe you can rent an electric cart or have someone push you around in a wheel chair. Have a great time!

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I would recommend you eat at Arnaud’s. I like it better than Antoine’s. It’s very elegant and their Bananas Foster for Two for dessert is lovely.

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If you enjoy historic buildings that are now museums check This List

If you like to eat, check out this List of Places Visited By Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show on the food network. Most of the stuff he eats is drool-worthy!

If you want great photo opportunities check out This Photography Thread

I too would suggest renting a wheel chair or one of those walkers with the little seat attached. Wouldn’t want you to miss a thing!

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Best buffet on the planet: Sunday brunch at Court of Two Sisters restaurant on Royal street. Unbelievable spread. Seating in a covered courtyard w/ live jazz. Book ahead for reservations. Not super-expensive.

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I have chronic plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I’m not in need of a wheelchair. I just need to rest every hour or two.

It seems there are more good restaurants than we’ll have days to eat there. My foodie-fiancĂ© already made dinner reservations for every day, but we’ll look at your suggestions and change them if desired.

I mostly want to know what is uniquely NewOrleans’... what sets it apart from other cities? I’m intrigued by the cemetery idea. Architecture is another interest.

Mardis Gras holds absolutely no appeal to my introverted sensibilities…. too much noise and chaos and annoying drunk people (I hated annoying drunk people even in my partying youth).

We love music, does anyone know where there’s great music and isn’t a tourist trap?

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