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Do I have chemical burn, and if so how do I treat it?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21611points) January 15th, 2013

For the past 3 years, I have had a nasty smokers stain on my 4 front teeth. I have tried all kinds of tooth pastes to get it off, but nothing did the job.

Yesterday, I used a product called Eucryl Dental Powder, basically a very strong tooth paste for smokers. The product was so effective, that after one use it had removed almost all the stain.

In my excitement for how well it worked, I decided to use the product a 2nd and 3rd time in just 1 sitting. My teeth are now whiter than the KKK, but after I finished, there was a kind of pins-and-needles sensation in my mouth.

This morning when I woke up, my lips feel dry and stiff, like if the skin is cracking, and it is very sensitive to anything other than water. Coca cola, tea, or anything else makes it sting quite bad.

My mouth looks exactly the same, the skin I mean. But it feels kind of like it is burnt or something. Kind of like if my mouth is very very dry, with the skin split, even though it is not actually split.

Is this a case of mild chemical burn? if so how do you treat it?

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If it’s mild enough to not change the appearance of the skin (and this is important!), then the best cure is time and gentle treatment.

That is, stay out of the sun, don’t abrade or mistreat the affected area in any way, avoid hot (temperature) and extremely cold foods and liquids, and definitely don’t treat your teeth with that stuff any more until your mouth is back to normal.

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All the strong tooth whiteners can make your teeth sensitive to hot/cold and irritate soft tissues. I had my teeth whitened in a dentist’s office years ago, and it was actually quite painful for me, which I hadn’t been expecting at all. The good news is that it doesn’t last long. Treat your mouth gently for a while, and hopefully you’ll feel better soon.

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I’d definitely stay away for a while eating or drinking anything acidic like citrus fruits/juices or spicy like peppers—though you’ve probably already figured that out.

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If you caused a chemical burn in your mouth the only real solution I can think of would be to douse the area with a ton of water and spit it out so that you don’t swallow the chemicals. The advice given thus far is probably the best, but if you’re really concerned I would consult a dentist or doctor.

Next time don’t do 3 treatments at once. That was pretty stupid.. lol

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Take it easy on the stuff. You’ve done a number on the surface of where you scrubbed it in. The good news is that the cells of your mouth are some of the fastest healing and growing on your body, but the bad news is, because of the moisture, you have to be extra careful to elminate anything that might cause infections. If you have not bled or blistered, you should be fine in a week or less.

Avoid anything spicy etc. You can already instictively know before you put things in your mouth if it is going to hurt or not, can’t you? We are such amazing creatures. Stop using that toothpaste for now. Rinse with salt water or bakingsoda and water. (Baking soda will help reduce the acid pH) and drink/rinse with loads of water. If you feel your mouth going dry, drink/sip water or see if you can find some type of sugar free pastille or gum that doesn’t irritate.

Don’t use any dental floss for a while either, but be sure to check in between teeth/gums for any sore spots that persist. (use your tongue as well as your eyes) If you aren’t competely back to normal in a week, see your doctor or dental hygienist.

(and I really don’t feel I should have to add this, but I will anyway. You really should stop smoking.)

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I was initiated into a secret club by having lye poured onto the back of my hand.

After what seemed like an eternity vinegar was used to stop the chemical reaction.

It left me with a rather nasty scar that now serves as the club’s mark of membership.

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@Crashsequence2012 You’re not supposed to talk about it…

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The skin now has a tiny tiny micro layer of dead skin that is peeling. The inside of the mouth is 100% ok, it is the lips, and outside areas that came in contact with the foam.

@Crashsequence2012 I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

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