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Can celery really work in attracting females?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) January 15th, 2013

Today I have learnt an interesting fact about celery. Celery produces a hormone in men that can instantly attract girls. Is this true? Has anyone ever tried it? If so how much celery should you eat to get this effect?

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Today I have learnt an interesting fact about celery. Celery produces a hormone in men that can instantly attract girls.
Is that so?
So, what is this mysterious ‘hormone’ called? How is it supposed to interact with the brain chemistry in females? How do they locate the source of the ‘hormone’ emission? (Remember, human noses are really bad at finding out directions. They are not dogs.)

And finally, where is the peer reviewed study that backs up this spurious hormone claim?

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I think you should eat it for a whole day and dab its juice on your neck… See what happens.

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Celery burns more calories in consumption than it stores as a fuel source…

Is the hormone you speak of called fitness? or maybe physical attractiveness? Because both of those are a by byproduct of hard working and healthy living….

Seriously dude, Celery is just water and chlorophyll. Your fact is far from actual truth.

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Is that a celery stick in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I think overall, intellect, wit and charm will be much more potent than . . . um, celery in attracting the ladies.

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Celery might attract females who eat celery on a regular basis. They might be vegetarians, or fitness enthusiasts. Dates are much easier when both enjoy the same cuisine.

Like @ragingloli I’d like to see the details of the protocol used to justify this statement and the peer reviewed research paper.

I just did a short search and found a few articles about it.
Live Strong

Here’s the book many are referencing: ” According to Judy Gaman, Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson, authors of the new book “Stay Young: Ten Proven Steps to Ultimate Health,” eating celery actually increases the pheromone levels in men’s sweat, making them more attractive to women.”
I have not checked where they got their results.

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I think that a high salary works more effectively than high amounts of celery.

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Well, Ogden Nash thought it a distinguished enough vegetable to write a poem to it.

“Celery, raw, develops the jaw
But celery stewed is more quietly chewed.”

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Are you supposed to eat it or wear it? I picture celery stalks hanging from every pocket, sticking out of your ears, pushing out of. . .no, that would make it hard to sit down.

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Celery is great, but the mob of females that always pile onto me in the market when I even pick it up can be a problem, can’t it? More’s the pity.

Seriously, the “study” couldn’t have been funded by the American Celery Association, could it? Actually, I took the trouble to track down the source. In truth, it’s not a study, it’s a claim made in one of the plethora of “new” health books that flood the market to compete for reader recognition every year. It claims that since the “cytoplasm of celery contains androstenone, eating it can actually increase the human levels of the steroid and the pheromone-secretion level.” So far, so good. The fly in that ointment is that to date, science has been completely unable to definitively prove that humans react to or even produce pheromones.

Now absence of proof is not proof of ansence. It’s certainly possible that humans do produce and react to pheromones. A few double-blind studies seem to suggest such. It’s further possible celery aids the production of male attractors. It’s also possible that authors Judy Gaman, Dr. Walter Gaman and Dr. Mark Anderson just wanted to push some relatively innocuous claim to set their book apart from the crowd. I mean, it would certainly be a unique claim to push eating fly agaric (amanita muscaria) mushrooms as a great way to attract a mate. That might bring on lawsuits. No harm in eating a stick of celery now and then, though.

Then again, it’s even possible that the authors put out feelers to various vegetable farming trade association, and the only one to nibble was the American Celery Association. Who knows?

All I can definitively say in answer to you question is that if it is true, it would appear my wife is immune or has a compromised pheromone receptor system. Because I love celery but sadly, eating it doesn’t seem to affect her in any way other than causing her to go shop for more of it because we have run out. At least having her pick up my celery supply saves me the indignity of getting mobbed by sex-starved, frenzied females at the supermarket. I’m sure you know what a problem that can be.

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Um, I am kind of embarassed about this, but I was told celery makes men’s juices sweeter and attractive to females, while citrus fruits do the same for women.

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No. For crying out loud.

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Doubtfully so.
Someone should experiment.
Now if I was going to have a man with celery I’d want him in a bath tub full of grey goose vodka and tomato juice with some extra tabasco.

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Raw celery root is used for impotence and celery is known as an aphrodisiac (I thought everyone knew that) AND it contains lots of potassium and sodium and helps you stay hydrated. You know how important it is to stay hydrated.

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LOL @Coloma. You are a bloody riot.

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One of my favorite girlfriends from the deep but memorable past hated celery, did not even like the sight of it. In her case it would be a repellent.

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I know that this comment will be deleted soon…but I just want to say that I do not see the reason why people has to be making fun of my question like this especially because if you would research celery benifits for men on the internet you would find there are a lot of articles claiming that it make men more attractive to women. You guys are acting as though the question was really stupid but its not.

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I apologize but I do think that this question falls into the category of urban legend.

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@Eggie My apologies, if my comment seemed not serious. It was sincere.
This is the type of question that leaves vast chasms of space for playful humor. I am sure there are merits to celery, however….regardless of the general category, you have to expect some moderate accounting for humor. I’m sorry….the bait was just too baiting for me to not play a little.
sorry mods

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Playing with the idea means you got us thinking about it. (@rojo plywood… hehhehheh)
Can you tell us what’s the hormone and what’s the method of transmission of the hormone to the target party? (in @Coloma‘s case administered orally in a suspension of nightshade pulp and alcohol)

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@Eggie If I believed every “article” I read on the internet I would believe that I was on my way to huge muscles with tribulous tetris and having a 14” package.
Seriously bro, if you want real information on the topic grab a damn medical journal or something that is regulated…. I could go out and buy a URL then publish an atricle saying that smearing poop on your head will cure hair loss if wanted to.

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Since your question is in the general section, flag the remarks that are not helpful and have them removed.

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Celery is know to increase the level of andersterone in men that would make them more attractive to females…it is also claimed to fight weight.

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^^^Sez who? “It is claimed” is not very good scientific evidence, is it?

And what is andersterone? Androstenolone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone.

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^^^ I bet combining celery and green M&M’s would launch the sex rocket at warp

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Sorry my bad….it increases androstenone in men, a pheromone that attracts women.

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