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What smells do you find attractive?

Asked by tups (6719points) January 15th, 2013

Random question #7.
I’ve heard men are attracted to vanilla and jasmin, but I don’t know if it’s true. Anyway, are there certain smells that you really like?

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What I most love is the smell of a woman’s neck where it meets her shoulder and her hair. I better stop here or this is going xxx. I like vanilla and lavendar, not so keen on jasmin. It’s a little strong

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Cinnamon rolls. So do 85% of the males.

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The fresh out of a shower aroma of Dial soap and toothpaste. Oh my!

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Freshly mowed grass and an infant’s head.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room GA. The smell of a baby. What’s up with that?

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@Adirondackwannabe It’s so we don’t eat them. Yay, evolution.

I like woody smells. A man made of pine, a woman of cedar… Mmm..

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My boyfriend doesn’t drink anymore and, even when he did, he was never a heavy drinker. However, I used to get really turned on by the light smell of beer/lager/cider on his breath.

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The one smell I think I like the least is the smell on tobacco on someone. This, from a long-reformed smoker.

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I kind of like the smell of a good cigar when I’m outside. I don’t want to smoke it, but the aroma is nice. I can’t stand cigarettes though.

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@Adirondackwannabe, I don’t disagree.

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Puppy breathe

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I like the scent of baking pumpkin pie or oatmeal cookies, a wood fire, a good oriental perfume (Calvin Klein Obsession will always be a favorite), oranges, and my man (a combination of Pantene shampoo, Ivory soap and his own natural scent). I also used to love the smell of new school supplies (the inside of a cardboard pencil box, freshly sharpened pencils, new paper and a new box of crayons) when I was a kid.

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Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg. Fresh brewed coffee, sizzling bacon. steeping tea.

The ozone smell of a light rain on warm pavement.

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My kids when they were babies, can’t beat that freshly talced botty smell.
The interior of a brand new car.
Money, the folding kind…yes it’s more than likely caked in cocaine traces, but still smells good.

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What is (I think it is, anyway) is that I can’t stand the smell of some so-called female smells that are in many lotions and soaps such as any fruit smells and most flower smells.
I do like things like most baby smells and things such as the “clean, fresh” smells of some soap and detergents.

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Chocolate. There is a chocolate factory near me and some days the air is perfumed with it. People who live close to the factory get sick of it, but for my occasional trips to that area, it’s heaven. (Too much of any smell could become annoying.)

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The smell of Play-Doe always gives me some weird nostalgic feelings. I like the smell of most flowers, fruit, fresh coffee, Apple pie, anything with cinnamon, fresh cut grass. The smell of Frankincense and Sage puts me in a mystikal mood

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SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEE! Any and all of its million varieties. @Akua Walking into a house where there is an apple pie in the oven….yes. That’s one of the best smells. My boyfriends armpits also.

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I’m really sensitive to smells and can only wear scented lotions or I get headaches, but I love the smell of fireplace wood-smoke, Lily of the Valley (fresh only), lilacs, freshly mowed grass, leather/ new car smell, and weirdly enough, the smell of my dogs fur comforts me after a long day.

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@Sunny2 You just reminded me of the Guittard chocolate factory that was about half a mile from my school when I was a kid. The wind usually went the other direction, but about once a month the schoolyard smelled like someone baking fresh chocolate fudge brownies. Mmmmmmm!!

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Fragrances with lavender smell amazing on my significant other. They mix well with his body chemistry. I also like earthy and woodsy scents, and love vanilla (especially with sandalwood.)

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Ugh, I hate the scent of vanilla. I like it in food, but not slathered on a person.

On myself, I like coconut or cucumber melon. I also like apricot a bit – mostly just my face scrub.

On men, it depends. I got a sample of Armani cologne (I believe) from Sephora that smells amazing on my husband. Gets me going. I like men au naturale as well. I always tell my husband I like him “ripe”, and it’s true.

I often walk by people on the street that have a very intoxicating scent, but I could never figure out how to recreate it. And after awhile it would probably be a bit suffocating, anyways.

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I love the way my husband smells after he takes a shower with Bath and Body Works’ Eucalyptus stress reducing shower gel. Smells good enough to eat!

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I like the smell of vanilla and cherry.

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Blood and fire.

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@livelaughlove21 Is it Armani Mania, by chance? I smelled that men’s cologne in a magazine and went out and bought some for my boyfriend. It smells so good it drives me nuts.

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The smell in Espresso bars!

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Pine forests.

Wet cement on a hot summer’s day, when the hose hits the sidewalk.

Cat tummies.

When you go outside on a cold winter night and smell the smoke coming from a neighbor’s fireplace.

Barbecue on the grill.

Garlic bread baking in the oven.

The smell of rich, slightly damp earth, while gardening.

The scent that is drawn up by crunching across fallen oak leaves in a forest.

The combination of bacon and coffee cooking over a campfire.

Freshly dried laundry.

Fresh sage crumbled with your fingers.

The air after a rainstorm, especially if it’s really cold outside.

Fresh tomatoes right off the plant.

The bark of a Ponderosa pine tree, which can smell like vanilla or faintly of chocolate malt.

I don’t think they make this any more, but when I was a kid, there was a suntan lotion called Sea and Ski that came in a green bottle with an orange lid. That stuff was truly intoxicating!

Cardamom. Well, duh!

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BACON@!! Sorry, Axel and Molly got a hold of my keyboard.

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@Kardamom Oh man, I remember Sea and Ski and you are absolutely right! Coppertone smelled pretty good too. My favorite is the original Hawaiian Tropic.

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@diavolobella I was wrong, it was Versace, not Armani.

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Roasting turkey or beef or lamb.

Evergreen smell.

Citrus smell.

Fresh cut birch tree.

Deep woods.

Baking bread.

Anything floral makes me puke.

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My very favorite smell in the whole world is my husband. Other smells I love are citrus blossoms (which do not smell like citrus fruit), star jasmine, and pipe tobacco, although like @Adirondackwannabe it has to be outside, it is not a pleasant smell when cooped up with no fresh air.

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The smell of nearly done chili on a cold day.
The smell of sweet grass and cedar incense in a sweat lodge, not so much the sage.
The scent of fruit cobbler in the cast iron dutch oven over a birch fire.

Almost forgot, limburger cheese.

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I love the smell of plumeria and lily of the valley.

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Plumeria, coffee, bread baking, and under my wedding band.

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I was reading a book that was set in England and they kept talking about the wonderful scent of a peat fire. Has anyone every smelled that? And if so, do you like it?

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