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Why so much underarm sweat?

Asked by codette (400points) January 15th, 2013

I have always had a problem with underarm wetness. My mother, too. Both of us have struggled our whole lives to find an antiperspirant that actually works. I buy cheap shirts because they don’t last long before the smell sets in for good.

Winter is especially annoying because I am wearing more layers and even when my temperature is comfortable-to-cold I get embarrassing pit stains. Whether this is stress sweat, a result of my body temperature/the airflow around my skin, hormones, or something else, I am not sure. It’s not always, but more often than not.

If I wear a suit at work, I have to wear undershirts to catch the wetness and hope my blouse and blazer fabrics don’t touch and transfer it all the way through. My best luck at hiding it is with baggy tops that don’t come near contact with my underarms, but that’s awfully limiting, especially in a professional environment. And I still sweat in them, too.

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Yeah, hormones. The thing that I have known to work is sage tea. If you are not trying to have a baby or nursing (if you drink sage tea when you are lactating, it dries you up.) You can drink the tea and also brew it strong and apply it topically before bedtime or even sit with poltices under your arms of warm sage tea. It smells, but it has been known to lower the level of sweat secreted. (Side note: it also helps with sweaty feet and foot odor)

I am a sceptic. I don’t believe in homeopathy. What I have come to learn, after years of personal research, is that there are some times when herbal remedies actually do work and actually do have medicinal properties. Sage happens to be one of these herbs.

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What kind of antiperspirant do you use? I found the gels to be much drier than the sticks.

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Why don’t you get your pits lasered, then you never have to worry about sweat, stains, smells, nada.

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I don’t know if my problem is as severe as yours, but I went for years with sweaty, smelly underarms. Now, I use antiperspirant that’s packaged as clinical protection, and it works. The percentage of the aluminum compound that blocks sweating is a bit higher than normal antiperspirants. It does the job for me.

I can say that I do sweat more than normal. The simplest exertion can start sweat pouring down my forehead. A yoga expert once told me it was simply my body type. He had a name for it, which I don’t remember, but it was an interesting idea.

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I have tried lots of different antiperspirants and I do always buy the clinical strength now, but I have yet to pinpoint which work better than others. Maybe I’ll try gel next.
And I don’t think I sweat more than normal anywhere else except my underarms. Forehead, feet, etc. are fine.

This was an awkward question to ask, jellies. Thanks for your responses.

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Genetics determine how much a person sweats in a given situation. There are special antiperspirants dermatologists can prescribe to help control this problem.

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Excessive sweating that is not hormone related is called “hyperhidrosis” and is not that uncommon. One informative article

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You can get special injections for that.

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O slightly less draconian, an Rx antiperspirant from your doc.

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Hyperhidrosis is common in over 7 million Americans alone therefore you are not alone and are fortunate the main area is the armpit. I am going to link you to common methods from ehow but the best antiperspirants are prescribed and most effective with these steps.

Take a look at these and make a few adjustments because hyperhidrosis isn’t cured, or managed, by simply layering, wearing loose fitting clothes or through excessive fragrance.

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I pinpointed the culprit!

Caffeine! I seem to be more sensitive to the coffee sweats than most people I know. I thought I’d share this revelation in case anyone here has a similar sensitivity.

(Also stress—like participating in a large social gathering, or driving in aggressive traffic.)

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Excellent life hack. Use panty liners as armpit shields. Just line your sweater or shirt underarms and replace as needed. Clean and dry.

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