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Banking with Bank of America?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) June 9th, 2008

I just got off the phone with them again! I have had such a bad experience with they lately and nothing is getting resolved. They made a mistake on my account back in March resulting in a late fee which they said they credited, but didn’t. Since then they have been charging me a late fee each month, because the first late fee keeps showing up as a past due amount. Todays statement shows a credit for two late fees, but the past due amount is still there and I was charged another late fee! They also jacked up my APR to 29.24%, because there was two late fees within a twelve month period. The late fees were charged, because the first guy never credited it. The lady said there was nothing she can do about it.

Sorry for going on about this, but I don’t know what to do. They left me in tears. It pisses me off, because the mistake was from there end in the first place and now they have made it as if it was my mistake. Their customer service sucks! Any advice?

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Keep calling, keep bothering them. If the lady said there’s nothing she can do about it, find out who can do something about it. Show up at the branch in person and see if there’s a reasonable person around. It’s much easier dealing with people in person than over the phone.

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Forgot to say the past due amount that still shows was the credit that they were suppose to give me.

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Read about Executive Email Carpet Bombs (EECB) to Bank of America at They have a lot of suggestions for getting results, plus you can post your story there and everyone can read about what shitheads they are.

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I’ve always avoided BofA due to the horror stories I had heard but, I give them credit for uncovering the identity theft, of which, I was a victim.

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They screwed me too. I second what the pothead said. The only way I got it fixed was to go into a branch and not leave until they fixed it.

Now I use a Credit Union. BofA is dead to me.

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B of A really bites.

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Don’t call, write. Detail everything and include copies of documents. List the dates you called then and if you got them the names of the people you talked to. At the end of the recitation of the problem, clearly state what you want them to do, such as:

“What I need for the resolution of this problem, is the original credit to be posted to my account, all subsequent late fees to be dropped, and my interest rate restored to the previous interest rate.”

Send a copy to you state’s Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs Division and state in the letter that you are doing so. Keep a copy of your letter.

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