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Do you like to country line dance?

Asked by wolfy1 (55points) January 15th, 2013

It’s funny I hate listening to country music but I love learning how to line dance.. strange huh?

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I’ve never tried it, but it looks like a lot of fun. If you don’t like country music (which I do) you can also do line-dancing type of stuff to other music. Have you ever seen groups of people take lessons to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? So much fun!

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It’s good exercise; it stimulates the brain; it’s safe for women with non-dancing S.O.s.

All that said, one time I was line dancing, and the floor was slick; I fell and tore my rotator cuff. What was really tough: I was teaching a dance class for ninth graders!

The gossip around the school the next day: “Did ya hear? The dance teacher guy was hotdogging and fell on his ass!’

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I used to be very active in Square Dance and Line Dance groups. I enjoyed it very much.

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No not really, but then again I never tried. I’m not really a big fan of dancing just yet.

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Do enjoy it but it gets very confusing.

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When I lived in Florida, there was a large club that had multiple rooms. Each room had its own club of a particular genre. There was a rap room, a rock room, a blues room, a country room, and the electronica room.

Everyone that followed their particular gimmick stayed in their own part of the club usually. Well one night we were hanging out in the hip hop/top 40 club and a few of us stumbled over to the country room. It was really awkward at first: the clash of young kids in club clothes around the tucked in flannel shirts and cowboy hats.

Long story short, we got along with some people from a totally different culture and they taught us how to line dance. It was a great to see people who wouldn’t normally hang out doing so to teach each other dance moves.

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The only line dances I’ve figured out are the electric slide and Cupid shuffle. I’d love to learn the one for Cotton Eyed Joe and Watermelon Crawl, but I just don’t have the skill. It looks like so much fun, though!

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The few times I participated in line dancing, I enjoyed it a lot. In college I did a lot of square dancing, which was also fun. But I enjoy moving to music and not everyone does.

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I don’t like country music either, but line dancing can be all sorts of fun. Haven’t done it in ages, though.

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I’d rather have my eyes seared out by two hot sticky toffee apples.

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I’d like it if it was done to dance music!

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