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Shark or alligator/crocodile?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 15th, 2013

Which would you be more scared to meet in their natural habitat and why?

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Sharks terrify me, but then that is due to where I live.

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Since I am more apt to spend time in a swamp than an ocean, I would say the alligator has the edge.

In the ocean I would probably drown before a shark had a chance to get me.

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A shark, because they’re further from land and, therefore, harder to escape. You certainly can’t swim faster than a shark.

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I don’t want to meet certain types of sharks or crocodiles. They can both move very fast and do you serious damage. Crocodiles can move very fast. I believe they move faster than alligators. Not that I have researched this.

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I’d say a shark would be more of a threat. The fact that you’re out in the middle of the sea makes you that much more vulnerable.

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sharks. you can shut a croc’s snout with a rubber band, because its muscles that open its mouth are incredibly weak

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I’ve met both. It depends on the circumstance.

The shark was thrilling, but probably because it was a nurse shark (snorkeling). The roar of the bull alligator was terrifying, but I was also wading waist deep in the everglades, lost in a sea of sawgrass, and alone (helping out with a research project).

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Not much difference IMO. Both have huge, powerful jaws and scads of razor sharp teeth and their only mission is to shake and roll you to death. Same hideous death wounds. lol

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With an Alligator you can at the least get one limb bit off and still make a run for it…
In the ocean, one solid bite, and I think it’s all over. For the shark the ocean is to it as a spiders web is to it.

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I have absolutely no idea how true this is, but apparently a crocodile can run pretty fast. But if you run in zigzags, it will follow you in that same fashion, and tire itself out quickly. really? But I’ve never heard of crocodiles attacking anything by sprinting after it, don’t they mostly use stealth attacks? Unless you obviously piss it off I guess.

And I also read that sharks are actually wussies. Their teeth are a big part of their senses, and biting is how they tell if they want to eat you or not. While they have a good sense of smell, most mammals smell the same to them I guess? So they don’t really know until they bite. at least at first, aren’t these things prehistoric almost? They gotta learn pretty fast But there are plenty of different kinds of sharks out there, and they probably don’t all go by the same methods…heard some sharks have to be in constant movement their whole life, so they attack and bite everything just for the lolz.

Considering this, and if any it is even remotely accurate, I’d choose the crocodile. Chances are, I’m not going to wander upon him when he’s ready to feed, which I believe is like once a month. And if I DO, don’t they hang around in the water? Wouldn’t go splashing around in no jungle water, that’s for sure. So I could maybe avoid them, or, if not, scramble up a tree, and wait until monkeys come and saved me. or kick my ass, one or the other

Sharks on the other hand, if it’s true that they attack people because they think we’re some kind of semi aquatic mammal, would be more scary to me. Especially since, if I meet a shark, I’m in the water, and that certainly isn’t my element. I heard if a shark attacks you, you give it a good blow on its ’‘snout’’ if you want to call it that, and it will swim away crying for mommy.

But two things; if I get attacked by a shark, this sounds easier said than done.

And if it isn’t true, than that’s my boats well and truly burned.

I’d rather deal with the crocodile I think, since chances are big that I’d be on land if it attacked me, which means I’d stand a much better chance of escaping, if he missed his snap or tail swap. do crocodilies actually attack with their tails? Someone know? And, unlike sharks, I don’t think crocodiles or alligators bother with much unless you do it on purpose, or when they’re hungry. And given that they’re like ninjas, if I was food for them, I’d be dead before I even knew it.

Which sounds much better than being mauled by a shark, and then left to float adrift with your guts hanging out your nose after he decides you don’t taste none too good.

…but uh, check it out.

These things are freakin’ monsters. They can hear inside an egg? Man that’s badass!

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Sharks all the way, at least you can see a croc bearing down on you, walking like it’s shit it’s pants, unless you’re a bloody fool & waded into the river.
A shark though is a sly bastard, creeping up on you from below & striking you like a fucking torpedo only with a set of steak knives in it’s massive gob.
Fuck shark towers & nets, the only way to safely patrol these beaches is for someone to play the jaws music over a loudspeaker or something whenever they see one of the buggers.

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@ucme LOL “play the jaws music over a loudspeaker or something whenever they see one of the buggers.” Awesome answer!

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