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How do I present my art in a more approachable way?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 15th, 2013

My art doesn’t have a lot to do with humans as the main subject. At least, not the physical aspect. I feel I’m more of a moody artist. I love flowers, dreamy photos & overall I love the abstract aesthetic.

I know my style isn’t for everyone and well aware that perhaps out of every 100, 5 people may appreciate my style. With that being said that doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is the feeling that if I post my work onto FaceBook and other social media sites I don’t want to come off as trying to shove my content down anyones throat.

Question: What is the best way to make my presentation approachable? Should I just post onto my wall and feed with simply the title of my work?

I want to maintain subtleness but also allow those who currently know me that I’m becoming a working artist. Do you catch my rift? Thanks for your input!

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You present your art as it it. No need for any kind of special showcasing. You will appeal to the audience who likes or appreciates your style. 5% isn’t a bad response.

Posting it on FaceBook is similar to hanging it on a gallery wall. You let the art speak for itself.
Van Gogh was sneered at and derided during his lifetime.

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Personally, I would never post artwork on a social website. I would copyright it and get my own website.

I wouldn’t compare Facebook to a gallery since only your friends will be seeing it. Having your own website will enable you to market your work and target the audience.

In answer to your question about making your work approachable, I would obtain the website and then invite your friends far and wide to view it. You don’t have to push it boldly. Those who wish to see it will venture in, and the others will fall by the wayside. You’ve lost nothing and possibly gained a fan or even a sale.

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Facebook is a good place to start out. It’s not intrusive if you post on your own wall as those who like it will like it, and those who don’t.. well, we get enough inane posts and pictures in our newsfeed anyway that people have generally learnt to ignore stuff they don’t care for. It will also allow your fans to share and pass images of your work around. I would not just put the title of your work as a) FB tends to prioritise images when sending things out on the newsfeed; and b) why are you making it harder for me by making me click an extra link? If you want approachable, just post the image.

@Hawaii_Jake raises good questions on professionalism and copyright, and I would get a professional website set up if you are serious about all this. But when starting out, I really would use social media as a way to entice people in. I’ve discovered a lot of great photographers that way (who were friends of friends), and so… networking has to start somewhere. It’s going to be hard for people to stumble on your website if you don’t publish it somewhere.

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@lifeflame Hmm I’m brainstorming ways of incorporating all that has been said here. Some really great info and thoughts!

What do you all think about this. Grab the website, copyright works, publish a set of about 8 photos at a time. Then from that one set I could probably post that one photograph on the social media site. Maybe attach something quick like, “This is part of the “blah blah series” I’ve just posted on my website” ?

Also, what do you all think about inviting people to “tell me what they think” just so that they can become an involved fan/appreciator if they choose to be. I think I get feedback and gets them engaged as well.

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@pleiades Yes, posting a series on a website and then one or two on Facebook may be a good way to go about it.

Inviting comments is likely to get little attention. Your friends aren’t going to want to say anything harsh, and those who dislike it probably won’t say anything at all.

That’s simply my experience.

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@Hawaii_Jake That makes sense. It’s interesting how social media etiquette is being laid out before our very finger tips!

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Seems like a plan!

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Have you considered a blog? That way you can invite those you want to view. Seems as if there is a blogsite that is specifically for artists???

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When you post to facebook, you’re reaching friends and family. People there might be interested in your art because they care about you, but you’re unlikely to reach people who are interested in the art for its own sake.

For example, a while back, one of my facebook friends was posting to ask if anyone could find her a job. That’s an ok tactic if you’re doing other stuff, too. But it draws from people’s personal relationship with you first, and not your professional merits.

OTOH, you should make your art accessible to people who want to see it. I’d suggest setting up an online portfolio (linked from your facebook). Then, maybe get involved in some local art shows, to meet other artists and art fans. That’s professional networking; what you’re doing now is personal networking.

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