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Cogito ergo sum?

Asked by zensky (13367points) January 15th, 2013

I think… is this the long and short of it? Can it be perfected (use examples as “proof” – UCME – no one-liners, please).

I love therefore I am. I lurve therefore I am.

I personally think that as one spends more time in virtual reality and less in the material world, I surf the fucking internet – therefore I am an Avatar.

I Fluther, therefore I am a Jelly.


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I think of roots, origins, and foundations. This question forces me to cogitate on being homo sapiens. The Latin term loosely translates as intelligent human. We derive our being from thought. Some of the most beautiful creations of our kind are purely cognitive, such as music and mathematics. There is no reason for them to exist other than some person decided to create them, and others followed.

Therefore, we continue to create. We come together on the Internet for myriad reasons. There’s information, entertainment, and more. It’s endless.

I am certain others will follow and build on what we have begun. Archaeologists in the future will dig through the dross we leave here on the floor of Fluther and draw conclusions about us.

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Oh, good. Another excuse to post my favorite joke.

Descartes walks into a ¬†McDonald’s.

Waitperson asks him whether he wants fries with his burger.

Descartes replies, “I think not,” and promptly disappears.

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@zensky I would love to but I’m having density issues today. ;)

Could you clarify the question for me please? (And thank you.)

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I am not sure I’m even here, my dear @kitszu or I’d gladly do that.

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I…wait, what? Clearly, thinking is not my strong suit today. :p

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I think… that I’ll have to get back to you on this. Now where did I leave that mirror. Never around for a mirror test when I really need one.

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@zensky Then another day when you are here :)

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I’ll try to make it so.

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@augustlan are you drinking perhaps? Should we talk privately about your feelings? I am always open to working out your problems in a constructive environment when you are tipsy.

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Quick someone give me a GA for three points and I’ll have 12345. LOL!

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@SavoirFaire You maxed out on me a year ago. Howveer, some newb lurved me – so check out the cool 12345. For a fluthering moment, anyway. Yes, I screenshot it.

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We’ve all maxed you out so you could stay at 12345 for a long, long time.

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@augustlan look in a mirror then try and hold it against me.

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@zensky Yeah, I was surprised when my GQ seemed to work. Maybe it was a coincidence. Well, at least I got the picture for you!

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Dude…watch00 puttin up in yo Earl Gray, my man?

I think therefore I uh…I like chainsaws.

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@augustlan Don’t listen to @Imadethisupwithnoforethought. By “constructive environment” he means his basement where all the chains and “tools” are. I know, because I woke up in there, blindfolded and woozy. I escaped by chewing through the leather cuffs on my wrists.

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Darn who’s been lurving me???? I liked the 12345. I might quit and start over…

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I think Descartes only thought he was.

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Let me think about it.

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This Q makes me want to take a nap. I can’t be that philosophical today.

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I think, there for I Ready For Love. Just listening to some Bad Company.

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I think… I’ll have a martini.

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@zensky you promised not to, dear sir. Just because you disapparate doesn’t mean you have suspended existence. The new zenster will be seen for the pale copy it is.

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And I think we just found @zensky ‘s new name. Introducing… @Zenster!

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how’s that for a one liner?

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@ucme That was cute – I will remember that one.

@Seek_Kolinahr I promised Wunday, therefore I am.

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Ummm… I have a deep, consuming love for cats, therefore… I am a cat?

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If I could, I would grant that wish.

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Quit wishing mean things upon me before I scratch your eyeballs out and piss in your bed.

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@WillWorkForChocolate This is in General and your are off-topic. Flogged Flagged!

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OK, time to fess up.

You just watched a rerun of TNG “Ship in a Bottle” didn’t you?

It’s one of my favorite episodes and Daniel Davis’ performance was so incredible. (So much meatier a role than the Butler on “The Nanny”)


(...for those who are not as familiar with Star Trek and Picard, this is the episode where the holographic Moriarity character opens the door, walks off the Holodek and does NOT immediately vanish but continues to exist independently of the Holodek, a feat previously considered impossible.

Much to the consternation of an astonished Picard, he simply utters “Cogito Ergo Sum” and proceeds to wreak havoc with the Enterprise and it’s crew. Hands down one of the most creatively plotted episodes. It had you guessing right to the end. Loved it.

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knsgkanetbkwanerwerbhsnethbszbfg MORIARTY!!!

That is all.

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@Buttonstc Nailed it. What’s STNG?

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TNG = The Next Generation (with Picard)

(to distinguish from the original Star Trek with Kirk, or Voyager, or DS 9)

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So Star Trek is the scoundrel that transformed the cogito from a proof into a completely off-the-mark theorem! “I think therefore I am” does not mean that thinking is the motive force for being, but just that it is evidence of it.

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