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Problem re. Messages in Fluther - can anything be done?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 15th, 2013

Obviously BendrewinLisa can’t/won’t do anything at the moment, however, should someone look into it – the PM’s have a slight, shall we say, annoying factor: you have more than one message – you look at one of them, reply to it, then refresh/leave/spill Hot Earl Grey tea on the laptop/do something else – it then says that there are no new messages for you.

Only the next time you get a new PM do you notice, if you are lucky and depending on your screen etc. see the “missed ones.”

Some people may take offense thinking you have ignored them, when in fact you have simply missed their initial message.


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I haven’t had that happen but I check in and it says I have a PM but when I click on it, there are no new messages at all. Do you think Fluther is toying with me????

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No – it’s doing what I said ^. It’s a glitch.

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I don’t think it’s a glitch. The interface has no way of knowing how many messages you’ve looked at once you’ve opened the message screen. But you do get a clue to look at more than one where it shows you in parentheses how many new messages you have.

I’ve had the same thing happen to me—that I’ve replied to the topmost one and missed the others. But it was because I wasn’t paying attention and not because the software failed somehow.

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Running to look and see if I missed any messages…

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I don’t get enough messages for that to be a problem. :¬{

I’m just saying, you could learn to be unpopular. I could give you lessons.

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When you get notification that you have a new message, and when you check your PMs there isn’t one, it’s most likely because it was from a PM spammer and we’ve already banned them before you check your PMs. When we ban someone, all their PMs disappear.

On the other hand, you can miss a message if you’re already in the message screen when a new one comes in.

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I guess you just gotta pay attention to how many new messages it says you have. The way it works here is almost like basic online forums, except that, as you say, after you click all the notifications are gone even if you haven’t read all of them. The site considers them all read as soon as you click there because they’re all included in the same page, so the site rigesters them all as read.

Incidentally, I wonder what would happen if you had so many messages that there wasn’t enough room for all of them in one window. Would the notifications stay until you clicked the next page, where the rest of the messages are?

Anyways yes, something could be done about this, although it would require a complete makeover for the PM function, (at least I’m pretty sure, based on how they work) and that’s probably not going to happen any time soon. most especially since there’s nothing that’s actually wrong with it :p

I feel you though, I often miss messages because of this. XD

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@augustlan – I bet that is what happened to me!

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Say you have three messages. You look at the first one – then say you FOLLOW the jelly who PMed you – now you’re away from your Profile page. Now you refresh to fluther and walk away or something else… it will not say two new messages…. it will be as if there are no “unread” ones.

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@Jeruba You wrote: I’ve had the same thing happen to me—that I’ve replied to the topmost one and missed the others. But it was because I wasn’t paying attention and not because the software failed somehow.

I didn’t mean technical glitch. I meant glitch glitch like it could be better and it’s a problem cuz we miss messages. But you put it very eloquently. Thanks.

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Is that why you haven’t responded to the 341 messages I’ve sent you about your butt in those tight pants?

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@WillWorkForChocolate That was soooo two hours ago (according to the little permalink dingle thingey).

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“Some people may take offense”

Tell them to lighten the fuck up.

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@zensky, sorry, I didn’t understand your use of “glitch.” In a software context, I always take it to mean a bug.

At any rate, it’s one of many things that I think we have to compensate for with our own awareness and occasional workaround. If any more development ever occurs on this site, I don’t imagine it’ll start there. In the time (how long has it been, anyway?) since development halted, I’ve found that the one wishlist item I long for more than anything else is the ability to hide or block display of posts, either singly or by user. But I have no idea what might really be at the top.

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