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Would an official Fluther Facebook account boost new traffic?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34608points) January 16th, 2013

Now that FB is rolling out its new Graph Search feature, would it be wise for Fluther to have a FB account? FB users here could “like” it and boost the site’s reach and credibility. According to the news reports, the FB search works by looking at phrases not just words and only views content that has been shared by users.
It would seem that we could increase the buzz and searchability by occasionally stating that we saw a good “question and answer on Fluther” and linking to the particular Q or the Fluther home page.
It might be a way to Lurve this site and introduce it to others.

Maybe the FB site already exists but is it open to everyone and does it clearly link back to the Fluther Home page?

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There is one.

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I just went there and it is very quiet, indeed. We need to make some noise if it is going to attract search bots that will point people to this site. I see it has 479 friends but nobody’s talking.
Is that because some of us want to remain private and refuse to link to our real world accounts?

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I unliked the Facebook page because I don’t want people I know irl to find me here at Fluther.

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Got it. I made a FB account with a name similar to this one so there is no tie-in to real life.
I’m just wondering how we can help this site come up higher in search engine results.

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With the amount of complete tosspots that are on Facebook (they’re not all bad people on there I’m sure) I think it can have potential problems. Trolls, spammers – still active on Facebook..and then there are those stupid morons who post chainmail shit which winds me up no end. It’s a good idea, in theory, but in practice I think it would probably be bad. I dunno. It’s likely it would make more traffic though.

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As a web developer, I’ve given up on any hope of keeping my web and real-life personalities separate. Instead, I’ve opted to avoid illegal activity so law enforcement leaves me alone, and have sufficient firepower to deal with criminal stalkers or home invaders. There are probably enough intrepid Web pioneers like me to go over there and make some noise.

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I realize the Google SE does not rank this place highly. However FB’s unveiling of Graph search give usa chance to do something about it. Maybe.
Supposedly they search through material that users have posted on FB to determine if a site, store, restaurant, service, etc. is popular and has good reviews. That is why I mentioned it today.

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No idea if it will boost traffic but would hope so. Although I’m not really warming up to the possibility that my religious relatives could find out that I’ve become agnostic. : )

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@mazingerz88 Make a FB account where you are religious if you must. I’ll still friend you. ;-)

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I am too personal here and talk about many things I don’t want people in real life knowing.

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[here is my above (now moderated) answer to this thread, minus some personal information]

Random Facebook pages do not rank very high in google searches to begin with, so I doubt that having an official Facebook page will help with SEO (search engine optimization). There is actually an official Facebook page, but I have not liked it because of what @jonsblond said: I want to preserve my anonymity.

Search engines carry a lot of weight when it comes to how much traffic a website gets. On the other hand, I believe that SEO is not as powerful as people think. The whole idea behind SEO is the strategic use and placement of content in order to make a website look prettier.

I think that the absolute best way to get a better google ranking is to have a large number of websites contain links to Fluther. Right now, it is the other way around: we have tons of links to other websites, and not many websites that link to us.

From the point of view of Fluther’s management, we need more traffic. As far as I know, @augustlan is one of the very few paid employees of Fluther. The only revenue into this site is advertising, which is directly related to traffic. Website servers cost money, so this website is barely scraping out an existence.

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Somehow, I now feel more proud of Fluther after learning that some of us are more open about ourselves here. There is something special about that. Well…special or sinister? Lol.

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^ It means we’re a supportive, caring community who accepts you for who you are. We can feel free to dance naked in fields of pancakes and frizzer cakes, and feel the love.

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How about a wikipedia page? Those get a ton of hits.

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@mazingerz88 I am way more open here than in real life!
<—- Doesn’t have a prostate. People I work with have no idea.
<—- Bought stock in gun companies last Friday
<—- Atheist
<—- Believes in Pro-choice reproductive rights for women.

I would never post that kind of stuff – or even talk about it – IRL.

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I’m with @LuckyGuy. I’ve shared some deeply personal stuff here that I would never want most of my FB friends to know. The option to link my Fluther account to FB has always scared me and I’ve only just recently friended people I met here on Facebook because of privacy concerns.

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@tranquilsea Let’s agree to never mention that weekend we had in Thailand with “the twins”. OK? We’ll keep that memory between us. No posting photos on FB.

They sure were flexible, weren’t they?

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@LuckyGuy Discretion is my first, middle and last name.

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Fuck! I missed another Thailand trip!

I was a member of the one that’s already up, for a while. When I briefly left Fluther, I also left the FB page. When I came back to Fluther, I decided to not rejoin the FB page, simply because I do a lot of ranting here about a few people, and I’m paranoid that they will somehow track me down here.

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What’s Facebook?~

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@WillWorkForChocolate Yes, you missed Thailand. Again! But wasn’t Saipan great? I don’t know about you, but I’m still smiling.

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@LuckyGuy Personally, I preferred that evening in Aruba.

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@LuckyGuy—You are so tempting me to post that really awesome pornographic link on those smoking hot twins and one lucky guy who got to more than just bend them like drippy wet slinkies.

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As has been mentioned, we do have an official page. I used to post the question of the day on it, but since my position was scaled back I haven’t been doing that. Hoping to get back up to full-time status eventually, and using the FB page more effectively. Meantime, feel free to post on our page!

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@mazingerz88 Look at them . No wonder we both were a little confused. After the brie and the chocolate and the dial soap shower nothing mattered. I remain completely unapologetic (and exhausted).

@augustlan I promise my posts there will be more serious.

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@LuckyGuy Oh my gods, they are BEAUTIFUL!

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@Seek_Kolinahr Can you see why @tranquilsea my friend and I were confused, but willing?

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Absolutely. And count me in!

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@LuckyGuy Thailand. Me. Go. Now. After a quick detour in Manila. See. You. There. : )

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@mazingerz88 If those are the males, just imagine the females! Yikes!
Please take @WillWorkForChocolate with you. On the way to the airport last time, she slipped on a melted chocolate truffle and twisted her ankle so she couldn’t go.
I think @Seek_Kolinahr already made the room reservations.
If any other folks want in on this we’re meeting at the usual place and time.
I hope @janbb and @chyna are going. They really enjoyed the trip too.
See you there.

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@LuckyGuy 1999, while on vacation in Hongkong, I met a 65 year old US Navy retired Filipino American just bumming around all over Asia. He invited me to travel with him to this, according to him, amazing very remote village in Thailand where all of the young women were so good looking you would never want to leave. Didn’t quite take the invitation. Didn’t have enough resources to wanderlust. Darn it! : )

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@LuckyGuy That wasn’t a truffle I slipped on. It was a banana peel that one of your catty little triplets threw in front of me. My ass still hurts…

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@WillWorkForChocolate Wait, are you calling them catty because of their jealous behavior or their flexible, sandpaper tongues? You have to admit, it was a memorable weekend.

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I don’t do MyFace anymore or Spacebook. Fluther is my oasis in the arid desert of social networks. I’m pretty damn transparent myself but I don’t want any of my old FB consorts to cross the border into flutherland either.

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