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How many people have to use a new topic before it's added to the official pop-up list?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 16th, 2013

Dead end or joke topics get zapped out of existence by the moderators. But there are a few strange ones surviving yet today because they have at least a few questions attached to them.

“Berkeley” comes to mind as an unusual one. I saw it on a question yesterday. That is what inspired me to ask this. My list of topics includes the gem, “I am not an animal”. Do you have any strange or rare topics in your list of topics you’re interested in? Hover over a topic to see how many questions have been asked about it.

How about topics you’d like to see added? If you have one, ask here and we can ask a few legitimate questions using it to add it to the available selections. The rules are it has to be a legitimate topic and general in nature. For instance, “anthropology” is OK but sub-branches such as “cultural anthropology” would probably get zapped.

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I don’t believe the topics actually help people very much. The search function here leaves much to be desired. Topics are very incomplete. I can’t give specifics but I’d say about 25% of the time the topic I want isn’t there. I have no idea if it will stay there if I add it.

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I may be completely wrong, but I don’t think it works like that anymore. I think the staff has to add topics for them to appear, otherwise we have to deal with the ones that now exist, which appeared before because people put them in. I think I remember Auggie explaining how that works now, but I’ll be damned if I can remember what thread that was in…

I am not an animal!

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My list of topics is pretty bizarre! I’m not sure how some of them stayed, but I like them, teehee!

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That is a damned fine set of “topics” you have there @WillWorkForChocolate if I do say. It seems to cerate it’s own pop-up

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I don’t take any notice of topics apart from a ‘collectors’ perspective. I like the funny ones.

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When I was at half an arms length of being attacked physically, then I’d kick, scratch, pull hair or anything else to avoid getting hurt. If I was losing the battle, I’d curl into a ball on the ground and wait for an opportunity to get away.

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@Sunny2 LOL, I think you’re on the wrong thread!

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@WillWorkForChocolate I don’t think she’s about. I sent her a message ages ago to alert her. When you get back @Sunny2 just flag and we can remove it if you like.

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Me. Then it’s official.

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I’d like to tell you how this all works, but I honestly can’t remember! Bad manager.

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^ ^ OMG! I actually asked a Fluther question that stumped The Great and Powerful Auggie! Hot damn! Where’s Ben?

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Interesting. I tried to add “television” to my question about Dennis Kucinich getting hired by Fox News. It’s not a topic! And today, I asked my standard Friday TGIF style NSFW question. “NSFW” isn’t a topic, but has been used in 1410 questions and is on 19 people’s topic list, mine being one of them. So if there is any sort of automated system that promotes a topic to auto selectable in a question’s topic string, I’d say it’s not working properly.

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“Television” was combined into the more commonly used “TV”, if I remember correctly. I would think “NSFW” would be an official topic by now, so that’s odd.

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@augustlan Aha. TV. So are transvestites in there too? :-)

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@ETpro should be a topic of his own.Also Wnuday and Kardamom.

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@zensky Personally, I’d have a lot of questions about our all-time champion of self recycling.

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