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Is there any reason my backspace (delete) key won't work on Facebook?

Asked by serenityNOW (3631points) January 16th, 2013

Chalk this one up to bizarre, but just the other day, while trying to type a note to someone on Facebook, the backspace/delete key wouldn’t work. (Just checked, today as well.) Specifically, Safari on the Mac. First, I thought it was some sort of new “feature” in Facebook, but why? Well, I know I can use Firefox, but it seems dumb to load up a different browser. More importantly, I could just stop using Facebook! Still, though, can someone try to emulate this for my own sake!

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I use Safari on an iMac OS 10.8.2, and my delete key works just fine on F/B.

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@gailcalled – Same OS, assuming same Safari (I always keep it up-to-date.) I closed and re-opened Safari. Works fine on Fluther. It seems beat-generation-esque. Just stream-of-conciousness, man. I’ll try rebooting my computer, later. I know there’s a way to ”“reset” Safari. (I’ve done it before.) Would rather not; it messes up all my passwords. Thanks for checking!

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Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17)

At least you have the fallback of Firefox if you need to write vital messages on F/B. Think of how much worse it might me.

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Thanks Gail – I’m out right now, but I’ll make sure it works later when I get home. It does work on my laptop, so all is not lost! Also, searching Fluther if found this thread:
How much does your backspace key know? – Maybe my backspace key just had enough of me forwarding kittens and pictures of food to people I barely know.

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Does it only happen on Facebook? If so, you could try making a shortcut for the space bar, like copying and pasting it from another url. Use Control+C for copying and Control+F for pasting.

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edit; “might be” and not “might me,” speaking of keys that hate you.

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