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Can anyone tell me which color is good looking for paint bedroom?

Asked by ConcettaKallman (12points) January 16th, 2013

i want to paint my bedroom with new color,can anyone tell me which is looking good and sober also.

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Depends on your taste – what do you like?

I’m very happy with my sage green bedroom. I think it’s elegant and soothing. (That pic is not mine, just an internet simulacrum.)

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Boy, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my work it’s to be very, very afraid of advising others on that most subjective of all things, color. But good luck! If anyone can help, it’s a fellow jelly.

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My room is an off-white, ivory color. I like white personally but others consider it bland. If you visit a Home Depot or a similar store, they give a wide variety of color options and ideas. In the end, it really all depends on you.
@syz nice use of the word simulacrum

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Look through a magazine, or look at a beautiful painting. Take one of the colors you like from there and then use the other colors as accents.

It is said that a bedroom should be restful, restful being subjective. However there is mostly consensus that earth tones work well to bring rest to the mind.

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Welcome to Fluther! I am fearless where color is concerned. First, pay attention to your own moods as you observe colors—find what calms you, what irritates you, what amuses you.

I believe a bedroom should be a sanctuary, and I’d advise a “calm” color. You’ve already got some good advice above—sage (or any soft) green will be calming. I find certain tones of orange to be incredibly calming—think of a soft, warm terra cotta color. I believe you’re female, and you might be drawn to muted tones of the color of your favorite flower.

Regardless of what you pick for your primary wall color, you might opt to paint an accent wall or a border with a more vibrant tone.

In any case, stop by a paint store and pick up dozens of paint chips that appeal to you. Then start narrowing the field by looking at them against your furnishings and fabrics in the room.

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I second @picante.

But, personally, I like “robin’s egg” blues, lavenders, and grays for bedrooms. Very peaceful to wake up to.

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Check out also the amount of natural light the room gets. That will affect how colors look. You can use cool colors in a southern exposure, for example. Warm tints, such as peach, blush, sandstone, and polenta do well in less well-lit rooms.

I have painted my entire house in Navajo white, in order to showcase my lovely views (and gardens in the nice weather.) Plus I want my paintings, antique furnishings and rugs to have a neutral background, as in an art gallery or museum

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