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What would be in your perfect room?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) January 16th, 2013

If you were able to set aside one room in your home for it to be whatever you wished, what would be in it?

Would you have it full of peace and tranquility with pale walls and calm music playing? Would you have it like a man cave type room? Would it simply be a piano so you could sit and play whenever you wanted?

What are your ideas?

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I would have a chaise or a daybed with a good reading light. It would be angled to a window. There would be bookshelves.

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Ah! @TheProfoundPorcupine what a question!

It would be tranquil, soothing, and filled with relaxing items, like wind chimes, beautiful artworks, poems that means something framed. LoungeV TV on the wall mounted to look like a window. So any scene I desired to stare at could be conjured up at any moment.

Lavender pillows, bowls of rose petals, massage oils, and essential oils. A ceiling of stars, a carpet like clouds. Sound proof! With a gorgeous view.

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I’d start with the perfect location, having the room’s floor-to-ceiling windows open onto a terra cotta and tile balcony that overlooks lush hills, a tranquil river and a field of seasonally changing wildflowers. The horses would be grazing in the distance.

Overall, the feel would be French countryside. There’d be a large, elegant table that serves many purposes—it’s the place where I spend many afternoons working puzzles or surfing the Internet. It can be set with lovely china to host friends for lunch or an elegant meal by myself.

The door is rustic, and its old hinges beg for oil regularly.

The colors are light and botantical whereby the fresh flowers almost disappear in the decor.

There is comfortable seating and lounging, with lots of movable, stackable tables to create different seating/reclining conditions; and my pets have comfortable beds there.

There is plenty of natural light during the day, but I have the technology in the glass to “blacken” the room if I want to hide from the world. At night, I have task lighting where I need to see details and lots of soft lighting and candles where I simply want a warm glow.

There’s a piano and a fireplace, of course—and photos of people who are precious to me.

Did I mention the charming young man who brings the champagne each evening? Yes, that would be perfect.

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Dance pole

A Lazyboy chair in dark blue leather.

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I have two of those kind of rooms. One is my bedroom, which is painted and furnished exactly as I like, non-cluttered and very quiet and restful. The other is my office, well equipped with office-kinda stuff including printer, office supply closet, a wonderful computer desk and two computers. I can spend/waste hours in both.

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Bed, tv and refrigerator!

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Definitely the “peace and tranquility” room. It would be painted with soft, muted colors, have a little fish pond with a small waterfall, a never-ending collection of relaxation music, a comfy hammock, lots of squooshy pillows, and Johnny Depp would be there to gently swing the hammock for me. Occasionally, my “hammock boy” might temporarily turn the room into a 50 Shades of Gray smutroom…

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Ocean colors, paintings, lush carpet, antiques, possibly a water feature and lots of natural light.

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It would have a window with a nice view and and southerly aspect. Bookcases would line two of the walls. I would want a comfortable chair or sofa next to the window and a computer with a large monitor and a television. Finally I would want a good sound system for music. This isn’t very different from my present room.

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I would have to have a great stereo system first of all. Then I would need some sort of a desk that didn’t look like a desk. It would be some sort of beautiful carved wood polished to a high shine. Definitely a bookshelf filled with all of my favorite books of poetry and inspiration and art. A place to paint and draw with beautiful warm natural light spilling in through the windows. Sheer curtains blowing in the breeze for summer and warm glowing lamps for night time and winter days of cocooning. Not sure about a bed, maybe a large comfy chaise to stretch out on would be good. I once had a dream that I had chimes and a xylophone in my house so let’s throw those in too. Damn, it’s getting crowded. It better be a big room, high ceilings with skylights. Beautiful textiles are a must so lots of embroidered pillows. Mirrors to reflect light and sparkle and Balinese sculptures and a buddha for good measure would be all I needed. Heaven!

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Very similar to @marinelife‘s room. I would also appreciate a small side table for placing a cup of tea or hot chocolate and plate of treats to munch on, and a desk seated by the window for writing at. But the most essential thing is that it must smell like the comfortable library of my memories.

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My own private library. And in it a decent replica of Picasso’s ‘Don Quixote.” Love that one.

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I want a huge bed filled with pillows. It would be cool if the bed had a rumble setting, so I could turn it on, and all the pillows would tumble everywhere.

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A big deep bath. I am not able to use the bath in my flat but I love nothing more than sinking into a deep bath full of hot water when I do get the chance. It is crucial that any house I consider living in in the future has a useable bath (or space to put one).

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A wall that is shelves, built in. Like this, this, or even this. I will never find my dream apartment.
In my perfect room I would have a large window kind of like in the second link, and it would have the view of the buildings of Chicago.

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If I was going to go for all out opulence I would love a room like the Arab room in Lord Leighton’s house in London! The tile walls and ceiling are so rich and colorful. Check out this virtual tour and make sure you look down to see the reflecting pool and up to see the loges near the ceiling and the beautiful tile work!

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Books. Books and more books.

Oh yeah, a desk too.

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I always want a full automated room. For automation i will install the lightning control and security systems there, which always controlled through my smart phone. By that I can save my money and time. I can also use security system like cameras, alarms to make a perfect room.

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