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What action that other drivers do is the most irritating to you?

Asked by rojo (24171points) January 16th, 2013

For me:

It is those ignorant *#$#&$$%^&**ers who drive a HUGE MOTHERHUMPING SUV but have to come to a COMPLETE STOP and then CRAWL over a little pissant speed bump ONE WHEEL AT A TIME in a parking lot. Christ people! My little Fit flies over them with no effort.

Anyway that’s how I really feel.

What is your pet peeve.

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People in the passing lane who don’t pass. Pass or get out of the passing lane!

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Drivers that ride your bumper regardless of what lane you’re in. Than when they pass you, you all meet up at the same red light. Where are you going in such rush….moron!

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11.Not using tun signal, especially when making a turn into a street I’m trying to exit
10. Repeated honking to make me move (a short tap works just fine)
9. Cutting sharply in front of me and not signaling
8. Running a red light
7. Giving me the finger for something I did unintentionally or unknowingly
6. Speeding in the rain
5. Not having lights on when it’s dusk or dawn
4. Playing the radio so loud it makes my car vibrate
3. Tailgating
2. Weaving around cars in traffic
and the number #1 thing…
1. Using a mobile phone to call or text

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No turn signal, especially when I’m waiting for traffic that—it turns out—I didn’t really have to wait for because they were turning. Their rudeness costs me time and fuel.

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People who drive under the speed limit in the fast lane. They seem to be every where lately.

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I’m another Fit driver. Picking my most annoying is really difficult. I think it’s people who do not signal a turn or wait until beginning the turn before signaling. Equally distressing are fast lane changing drivers who weave in and out of traffic as if they were in an obstacle race.

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Dam people who drive 160klms in the pouring dam rain, like they did last night with me in the dam car. Last time I was a passenger, I was in a bloody car accident. Assholes.

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I hate when people who drive slow in the fast lane and fast in the slow lanes.

I hate when people don’t let people merge in, and I hate pushy drivers who want to merge in front of you when there’s no one behind you for five miles.

I hate when people go 100mph down the highway putting other drivers at risk. This motorcyle weaving in between semi’s almost caused two wrecks in two miles…scary.

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Not checking in their mirror before changing lanes. Nearly been taken out a couple of times on the freeway because people don’t look (and usually don’t indicate!).

Not using indicators. My telepathic skills are pretty good but I don’t like to rely on them while driving.

People who weave across lanes and especially those who also don’t do point one.


People who are distracted by using the phone or other things.

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Going the exact speed limit or under.

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So, this is a weird one, but it happens to me a lot:

When someone stops to let me turn in front of them, or waves me on ahead in any fashion when it is clear they have the right of way. It bothers me not because they are trying to do me a kindness but because I’d much rather them just follow the rules instead of potentially causing an accident (like when the person behind them gets frustrated that they stopped for no reason, and cuts around them in the turning or emergency lane, just as I’m turning in front of them…).

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Soo many….

People who drive slow in the left lane. (I dont care if I’m doing 80 in the left lane, if a car comes up behind me going faster, I get the fuck outta their way. I’d appreciate you people doing the same)

People who get up on my ass at red lights on hills. I drive a manual vehicle. When I come to a red light I let the car roll back a lil to alert other drivers of this fact. But still they inch of soooooooo friggin close that if I don’t accelerate perfectly I’m rollin back into that car. Does the extra 2 feet really make a difference at the red light?

Coming to a complete stop to make a turn. Especially if your making a left turn and you’re one of those assholes that needs to swing all the way out into the shoulder to make the turn so I can’t even get around….

People who don’t use turn signals

Adversely people who use turn signals 3 friggin miles before their turn. By the time you get to your turn no one knows, we all just assume you forgot to turn your blinker off and are all caught off guard by your sudden braking.

People who pull out in front of me and then drive super slow. Look I have no problem if ya want to cut me off pulling out of somewhere, but you better floor it. Don’t come out in front of me and then accelerate slow as hell – _ -

Semi related. I really think we need to invent a honk pattern for “I’m sorry” I mean we have they “Hello” honk and the “fuckkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuu” honk. But no, “I’m sorry” I think if we could universally agree on something like this it’d really cut down on a lot of the road rage.

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I suppose that while I’m out driving, what annoys me most might be whatever just happened. But right now, sitting still and thinking about it, I’d have to say it’s people who deliberately take up two parking spaces with their more-deserving-than-thou precious vehicles. They’re not just parking sloppily—they’re straddling two spaces, sometimes at a 45-degree angle, to make sure no one else can park close to them. In a crowded parking lot, this is unconscionably rude and makes me want to leave a conspicuous dent right in their entitlement.

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@Jeruba agh all to familiar with that one. My college has a HUGE parking issue. Not nearly enough spots for all the students they accept. And yea there are plenty of assholes that either can’t park for shit or as you said purposefully take up two spots so no one can park near their precious mustang. If I were a more violent/angry person I think I would have slashed some tires by now :P

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I especially dislike people driving in my blind spot. Then Honking at me when I signal to go over and let someone merge. Or the other honking at me when I try to get out of the passing lane. My little car , being a convertible, has a huge blind spot on the passenger side.

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There is absolutely nothing more annoying to me then drivers who do not know what to do at a four way stop so they just sit there and wait until everyone goes! Ugh! I also get irritated with drivers who have no idea how to merge onto the freeway. Really, you are just going to come to a complete stop while trying to merge with traffic that is going 55 miles per hour? How exactly does that make sense?

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@uberbatman Have you noticed that if someone waits for you to pass they will invariably pass you before the next intersection but if they pull out in front of you they will never reach the speed you were travelling at before they slowed you down?
My theory is that those who wait are more confident and self-assured of themselves while those who feel like they can’t wait are, in addition to being mentally impaired, timid and lack confidence in their ability; they are chronically late because they are incapable of maintaing the proper speed and often feel they need every second they can get, even if it means inconveniencing others like you and me.

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I’m one of those drivers that most of you probably hate. I’m a naturally fearful driver. Took me till 20 to get my driver’s license because of it.

I drive cautiously and never over the speed limit. So what bothers me the most is when people get aggressive because of my driving habits. I don’t understand how the 1 minute you might be losing because I am driving a little slower than you would like can be important enough to warrant the level of rage that some people reach. Just makes me more fearful and that doesn’t help any of us.

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People who use the middle lane of a three-lane highway as the slow lane. They make everything more dangerous by encouraging the lane-weavers and passing on the right.

People who assume that my minivan is the slow car when it’s actually the sedan in front of me that they cannot see because they’re so close up on my rear bumper in rage. There’s a definite large vehicle-specific effect happening with this; I don’t get tailgated nearly as often in rental sedans.

People who try to block me out when it’s my turn to merge, or who don’t move over from the right lane when I’m trying to merge onto a highway and they have plenty of room. Some even speed up in apparent enjoyment of my obvious distress that my merging lane is running out.

People who boom up behind me in the left lane as I pass another car but then don’t wait even a second for me to get back over to the right to let them pass, but zoom over to the right themselves in order to whip around me. I’m usually trying to check my blind spot and move over to the right to let them pass at the same time that they try to move over and lay on the gas, so I get this car on my ass weaving back and forth and perhaps about to rear-end me in its eagerness to accelerate. I get it – many people just hang out in the left lane no matter how fast they’re going – but give me a damn chance to move over before you decide I’m one of those.

Not signaling.

People who park like assholes.

People who don’t move over for emergency vehicles. Makes me hope that one day they suffer terribly waiting for a delayed ambulance.

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I thought of another thing. People who slow down or speed up to prevent people from merging or overtaking or changing lanes. What the heck is with that? It makes no sense to me. You are behind someone doing 100km/h on a 110km/h road. You move out to pass them and have to do way over the speed limit to overtake. When you finally do, they drop right back. OR if you decide to pull back in behind them, they slow down. Numskulls.

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Talking or texting while driving.
Not slowing down while driving in the rain.
Tailgating me, then passing me when I don’t drive 15 over the speed limit, and going on to tailgate the next person. I think some people just think this is “being a good driver.”
Clueless people giving up their right of way because they don’t know what to do at an intersection. There’s a difference between being cautious and being dangerous.

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1. No turn signal.
2. Using turn signal a spit second before the turn instead of signaling in advance.
3. Misunderstanding stop signs. (These are not “stop if I feel like it” signs).
4. Failure to commit to a single lane.
5. Tailgating.
6. Excessive braking.
7. Excessive braking while tailgating (Still can’t figure that out…).
7. Running red lights.
8. Failure to yield turn stop after the 4 cars ahead of you ran the red light!
9. Stopping in the intersection.
10. Backing into traffic from a parked position.

And finally…


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There are unique career opportunities for the most flagrantly ignorant drivers, though.

It’s called the police force.

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@SABOTEUR Well, your last response has me in the floor laughing.

Touché. Hahahaha

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@Zakat Concerning that, my friend, I can offer a recommendation…


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Ohhh I got another one. People who drive extremely slow when it’s a one lane highway but as soon as it opens up to two and you go to pass them they decide to floor it and start doing 80 to only slow up again at the next 1 lane area.

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^^^ Ooh that is annoying! As is Stopping at yield signs.

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With my job I sometimes have to pull a trailer or, as we call it, the “Idiot Magnet”.
I guarantee that on any given day that you have it hooked up to the truck there is this magical force that pulls people so close you think they are going to drive onto the trailer.
Folks, I have a trailer loaded with construction crap. I am going as fast as I safely can. That is why I am driving in the slow lane. Do you honestly think that trying to push me by riding my ass is going to make me go faster? Do you really think it is safe to drive within inches of this loaded trailer? How fast do you think you could move if something fell off? And you know, a loaded trailer means it takes me LONGER and FURTHER to come to a complete stop.
Back off! Go around!

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@rojo As another who often has to pull a trailer for work, I completely empathize and agree with you.

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I love how this whole thread just illustrates how many shitty drivers there are on the roads lol

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The other day I was stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway. We weren’t moving so I was out of gear, handbreak on and on a flat piece of road. The van behind me crashed into the back of me and then tried to blame me for rolling back. Why he was moving anyway is beyond me because we were all at a standstill and the extra two inches wouldn’t have saved him any time in the long run but to blame me for his impatience and stupidity really pissed me off.

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I’ve said this thousands of times (literally), aggressive drivers. Drivers that have to tailgate you because they’re driving well above the posted speed limit are people I have little compassion for. People who drive too fast for adverse weather/road conditions get under my skin just as much, especially when they decide to tail you as well.

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@Paradox25 Where I live in Texas if the roads ever get icy here you take your life into your hands every time you venture out for the very reason you mention; they have no idea how to drive in those conditions and refuse to adjust their driving style.

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But wait….I have four wheel drive on my monster truck, doesn’t that mean I can just do 75 regardless of weather conditions?~

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@uberbatman I know hey! What are those people thinking. We do a ton of highway driving through British Columbia which is endless mountains. Those kind of jerks will speed up in the very small passing zones and then drop back in speed when you get back to one lane.

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@uberbatman That is true, until I see them overturned in a ditch or I’m reading about them in the obituaries. Many people just love to think that they’re grrreeeaaat, and that those who either drive too slowly or wreck in bad weather conditions don’t ‘know how to drive in it’. Who I feel bad for are the unfortunate victims of these aholes, some of these were people who were close to me, so I take this issue personally I’ll admit.

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Switching lanes without signalling.

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