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What are some interesting topics I can consider for a contemporary, local, or global gender issue research paper?

Asked by desiree333 (3206points) January 16th, 2013

I am a second year Psych major who loves deconstructing and questioning all types of feminist/human rights issues and norms. For my Gender, Body, and Sexuality class (third year) I have to write a formal research paper. I must focus on the sociological dimensions of whatever issue I choose. This is not due until the end of March but I’d like to hear some dynamic and “hot” issues that I can research and write about. Some broad topics I am interested in are: sex-gender distinction/embodied gender, power, transgender issues, the virgin-whore dichotomy, body policing, fat shaming, abortion, rape culture, slut shaming, violence against minorities. Obviously you can’t help me with the local aspect. But if I could describe the most relevant feminist issue in my city it would probably be the systematic violence/disappearances/discrimination against Native peoples. Thanks!

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