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What can I do to cheer up my friend who broke up with her boyfriend?

Asked by Optimism101 (101points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I’ve known her for awhile and she broke up with he exboyfriend 6 weeks ago. She knows it was the best thing for her but she’s still pretty sad. They were together for 2 terrible years.

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Take her out for some retail therapy! Go on a girls night, or just stay in and rent movies, and talk about boys and how dumb they can be. When my friend was going over a break up she was over 24/7, and we constantly watched Sex and the City DVDs and the movie “A Lot Like Love”.

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I forgot to mention I’m male, sorry

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The only thing that will help is time or a new love interest.

Doing something to help only will remind her of him. I guess it depends on how you approach it. See if she wants to go see a movie. Don’t ask her if she wants to go see a movie to help take her mind off the guy.

And really, we have all gone through break-ups. It sucks but people live through them. I would bet you this won’t be her last. And you might not be around when the next one happens. She needs to learn how to deal with them.

Sorry, if that sounds mean. But it is true.

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oh… Haha! You can still do that stuff if you want too? Jp is right though, but I see nothing wrong with doing stuff to help (even if that reminds Her of him) because that will (in my opinion) help her to get over him. Everything will remind her of him, and just having you there for her to help her out and even reminsce will help her get over it.

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Take her to a basketball game, just be sure not to go in for the rebound.

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Getting her to take time out from normal break-up grieving will help her remember there is a world out there for when she is ready to rejoin it.

Laughter (rent a wacky DVD, go to a comedy club, play miniature golf or something else that makes you guys silly) will help even pyhsiologically.

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I got really stoned and watched Super High Me with Doug Benson. Pretty much did the trick in terms of laughter and fun. If that’s not her bag, find another funny movie or TV show and keep ‘em coming. No romantic comedies!

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I just realized maybe I should specify that the movie is starring Doug Benson (the comedian). “With Doug Benson” makes it sound like he and I watched the movie together. That would have been nice, though.

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@EmilyNathon I cracked up reading that post and seeing you looking stoned in the avie!

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