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Stressed jellies, what can we do to help you out?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) January 16th, 2013

Pretty easy. We all have stress. How can other jellies help you out?

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You can have next week’s colonoscopy for me, and February’s endometrial biopsy and then a uterine oblation. (Sucks when everything goes caplooey at the same time.)

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OMG. I ‘m both laughing and crying for you. My best prayers and thoughts are headed your way syz.

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A hug?

Great question @Adirondackwannabe.

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I need advice on job hunting. I am still employed but my company is moving so I need to look. I hate the whole process. I need to psyche myself up though. Meanwhile I need some inspiration just to keep my head above water!
@Adirondackwannabe Thanks for asking. That’s so sweet!

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@Adirondackwannabe can you write a paper for me? Sending you a hug @bookish. @syz – that’s out of my area. I would try but you and the animal would not thank me. I could pour you a glass of wine when you’ve finished? @Earthgirl, happy to look over your resume if that’s helps. Also, I believe (no evidence to support this) more and more organisations are using LinkedIn. A question here about how to create a fantastic profile might help? I have also heard linking with people, even if they don’t initially seem likely to be a productive connection, can be very valuable. We don’t know who they know. Good luck with the job hunting!

@Adirondackwannabe I think you already relieved stress by asking the question. You are such a thoughtful jelly.

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Could you sooth…stroke something big, hard and green-? NOW-!

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In my experience, sympathy always helps.

@syz, I can at least commiserate. I’m facing an upcoming colonoscopy too and have been worrying about it for weeks. My doctor told me I was due, and I just groaned and said, “Ten years sure go by fast.”

At least it’s a change from worrying about my sons.

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Give Lend me $25,000.

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Oh goodness @syz! I read that as operations you had to perform because of your job. Well the glass of wine still stands but when you get over all of that. I have been through the last couple. I hope the outcome is as successful for you as it was for me. The glass of wine would still stand if you were closer!

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Give me a pep talk about how I can get to the other side of all these feelings of meaninglessness and hopelessness.

Help me sort out why the best metaphor for my life is “the guy that always plays ‘paper’ when playing rock, paper, scissors with Edward Scissorhands.”

What’s the trick to getting out of a slump like that? Heh.

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It’s been said that a lough can cure the ills. I feel a laugh can sure ease stress. Try this for a good laugh!

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If someone could pack up all my belongings and deliver them to the new place that’d be great… oh, and if you could find a job for my fella so he doesn’t have to have to carry on working 3 hours away, that would be a real help! And could someone fill in my maternity-pay form to make sure I do actually receive something? And I’ve got a 12 hour working day today too if anyone’s got a spare hour?...

Thanks @Adirondackwannabe – anything we can do for you?

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Some good thoughts for my daughter would be nice. She’s had an enlarged tonsil for over two years now but we didn’t know it was prolonged until recently. We always thought it was due to her allergies and repeat illnesses. We finally have a good doctor who is concerned and wants her to see an ENT doc. Bad news is we have to wait until March until a doc can see her. There are few docs in the area who take her insurance. Poor girl has to live with her cough and sleep apnea until then. (and I hate Google search right now for giving me cancer forums as a result when I search for enlarged tonsil in children. why does Google need to scare me like that. grrr. I’m tired of hearing that word this year.)

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Nah! I come here to get more stressed out!

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@Adirondackwannabe This is such a sweet thing to ask.

I could just use advice about not letting work get to me. I switched jobs twice in 2012. I went from a stable place where I was valued and treated well, but which was paying me a salary nearly $10,000 less than I should have been making. The first job I thought would be a dream, but it was the worst job I ever had working for a mentally ill, abusive person. It took a huge toll on me, mentally and physically. My current job is very cool in many ways, but there is an ingrained climate of irresponsibility, laziness and unfairness here which I’m struggling with. I’m also debating ending a 10 year relationship which is going nowhere and I’m about to turn 50. I feel like the last year has turned me into someone teetering perilously at times on the edge of being a bitter shrew.

I’d also like to sell my house and buy a smaller one more in line with what I really want, but I have no idea how to go about it. Lots of decisions to make and I feel sad a lot. Sometimes I feel independent and confident about being alone and making it through a really tough time, but other times I feel exhausted, alone and not very positive about the future. and now I’m in tears…sighhh…

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There’s a few people here who make me laugh (wundayatta, coloma, ucme, adirondack) and I appreciate that, it helps.

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Do my assignments, bring back the sun, give me more time and energy.

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Aw @diavolobella, sending you hugs.

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@diavolobella I must have missed this earlier, I’m so sorry. Try to take on one thing at a time so it’s not too overwhelming. :)

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@diavolobella It happens to the best of us. Hang in there. : )

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Thanks you all. I’m okay now. I just try not to think about it much, but having someone actually ask such a nice question made me a little verklempt.

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@diavolobella I’m still working on your answer. The house is easy, if you know of a reputable real estate agent. They get a commission but they’re usually up on all the law requirements. The relationship is so tough. It’s got to be your call. A year from now are you going to be happier in the relationship or done with it? Work is tough too. You could treat it as a paycheck and nothing else and just clock in and clock out. It’s a hell of a lot more fun when your part of a team that pulls together, but if there isn’t a team, just put in your time and do what you’re asked to do. I’ll think on it some more.

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Thanks @Adirondackwannabe The other stuff (work and relationship) will sort themselves out, but some practical advice about selling the house would be great. I know the basics about preparing the house for the market, and I know a reputable realtor. I’m mostly concerned about the ins and out of selling as far as finding a new place. I’d have to make an offer on anything new contingent on selling the old house and my fear is I will find something I love and the old house won’t have an offer. Should I just put the old place on the market and not even look around until I have an offer? if we need to take this to messaging or I need to start another thread, let me know. I don’t want to hijack this

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@diavolobella That’s okay. I would suggest getting at least a solid offer on the old house before making any offers on a new house. I’ve seen a lot of people that buy the new house before the old one is sold and then the deal on the old house doesn’t happen, so they’re stuck with two places and maybe two mortgage payments. You can look at new houses but just don’t get committed to anything until the old one sells.

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@Adirondackwannabe That seemed logical to me. It could take years for my house to sell since the market in my area is saturated. What stresses me out is trying to get it ready to sell. My kids, pets and boyfriend have done some damage to the house (I have to replace all the carpeting to begin with) that would have to be fixed first. Having damaged, ugly carpeting that I look at every day also bothers me. Even if I fix it though, the yard (2.5 acres) is too much for me to keep up with, so I need a house with less property. Baby steps. Thanks!

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@Bellatrix Thank you. I used to have a Linked In account but I deleted it. Thinking of how to do some networking. I have lost touch with a lot of people I know but I can renew ties with a few who might have good leads. I heard that Linked In was good. My company has a crummy habit of checking these sites to see who’s posting their resume and trolling for jobs though. If they find out you’re looking they don’t take it well. But in the present situation I feel like I am going to lay it out to them that they have to understand that the commute is insane and I can do it for a while but I am going to be looking and they should give me the good grace to do so under the circumstances. I might want to shift into a slightly different job and that complicates things.

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@Earthgirl. I don’t think you have to say on the site you are looking for work publicly. I hope someone else here has info about Linked In. It might make a good question actually – about how to use it to network and find other work. I would love more info about how people use it effectively. My profile is so bland and boring.

If your bosses ask, you are using it to network to connect with people in your field. Always a good idea to keep abreast of what other people in your role are doing. That’s what I would say if asked. Also, if they do find out perhaps they will be motivated to fix whatever is making you want to leave their employ.

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@Bellatrix Thank you for the advice. I need to update my resume and I’m going to be calling all my contacts and trying to set up lunch dates but it’s hard to look while you are still working. I wish I could just quit but that is not an option. In my field a resume and profile will not get you very far no matter how well spoken you are. You need to have an amazing, up to date portfolio and a list of success stories (read that sell through history).

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Well I now have my fingers crossed someone you know, who knows your abilities, calls you up with an amazing offer!

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