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What do you do when you're bored?

Asked by Zakat (415points) January 16th, 2013 from iPhone

Lately, I Fluther.

Additionally, I smoke more than I should, play Nintendo 64, and make some awful attempts at busting out some Spoken Word poetry.

What about you folks?

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I’m boring.

I suspect boring people don’t get bored.

Doing nothing is highly entertaining to me.

(On a side note, the OP might consider electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative.)

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I am never bored. There’s always something to be done and something I want to do. Sometimes, in fact often, what I want to do gets in the way of what I should do. I feel guilty when I read a book during the day, but I may do it anyhow, instead of doing the wash.

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@SABOTEUR I’m in retail sales management, and operate a store that primarily sells cigarettes and tobacco products. Of the many e-cigs I carry, I’m partial to Swisher and Njoy brand stuff. Recommendations?

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I come on Fluther and other sites that I am a member of, I read random Wikipedia articles or linguistics texts, I read the current novel I’m reading, I listen to music…of course I like all those things; it’s just that when I’m bored, that’s an excuse to do them :)

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I host puppet shows. to myself

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@Zakat Three years ago I would have readily offered you a recommendation. Electronic cigarette technology has advanced so much since then that there’s just too many choices for me to make a responsible recommendation. I daresay that if you posed that question to 100 vapers (users that inhale vapor instead of burning tobacco), you’d get almost as many different responses.

I’m afraid, my friend, you’ll have to do some homework. I suggest you visit the E-Cigarette Forum for an unbiased overview of e-cig selection.

Hope I adequately addressed your question.

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I changed the link above to direct you to the tutorial that addresses your question.

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I do a lot of things. I Fluther.
I write. Play my ukulele. Read. Listen to music. Watch something (YouTube, tv, movies) etc.

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@AshLeigh You play the ukelele? Really? That’s awesome! :D

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I doooo! :)

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Same answer as @Sunny2. I haven’t been bored in twenty-five years.

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eat and then sleep.

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When bored, I jump onto my computer and check out Youtube, Netflix and various news sites and also do computer maintenance, read, watch old movies on TV or go out to a movie, nap, do household stuff, re-organize my personal files, update my contacts on my mobile phone, snack (too much), and lately I’m started taking longer walks and using my exercise bike. The best days and nights to be bored are rainy ones.

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It’s a curse.

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Facebook and fluther. And trying to teach myself to play guitar. 140 channels of squat on TV during the day when I’m here alone.

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Since when did fluther become a verb?

But on a more related note. I work on my gsx-r, start random projects like modding nerf guns, writing custom Roms for android phones, build computers, work out, play paintball, train with my katana, play video games. Ya know, have fun.

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I read, I play with my birds and dog, go for a walk. My mom always said that only boring people get bored, so I’m not used to using that word much. :)

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I tend to Fluther, so it’s a toss up between blowing my brains out, or being at Fluther.

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Same as @cookieman & @Sunny2 I never get bored. I always have so much to do and never enough time. I always have a ton of work stuff, my four dogs need a lot of attention, I’m constantly organizing my stuff and trying to keep uncluttered, laundry, grocery shopping. So I’ve no time to be bored. If I have a little bit of free time (or even if I don’t) I enjoy checking my fave sites, cooking, baking, and watching TV.

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I never get bored. Even at airports waiting for a plane, there is always something interesting to do, whether it’s using my phone or watching planes land or talking to strangers.

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Work out. I rarely get bored however. But if I find myself with exactly nothing productive to do, I go work out. If I already worked our earlier, I take a light workout.

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Eat chocolate, search random things on the internet, read about stuff, sigh, play guitar or another musical instrument, worry about my duties (instead of doing them) etc.

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@burntbonez I love that you said talking to strangers. I’ve had some of the best conversations that way…killing time..

I don’t know if bored is the right word for the dissatisfied, restless feeling that I sometimes get. It’s more like frustration that I know that there is a whole world of things out there that I’d love to be doing and yet can’t because of time and money constraints. There are so many things I am interested in as far as music, literature, art, philosophy, history. My frustration is that I don’t have the time and energy to pursue all that I want to pursue. (and then there is duty to contend with also!) With a house full of books and a computer I could never be bored, but I might be, and sometimes am, restless.

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I’m rarely bored but I do often feel the need to do things other than the work I am supposed to be doing. Then I often Fluther, read, watch some TV, ride my bike. I have even been known to clean.

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