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Can you trace a burned DVD?

Asked by kitszu (1326points) January 16th, 2013

I have a burned DVD that I really need to find the source of it’s origins. The problem is, I’m fairly certain that I am not going to get access to the computer I suspect it was burned on.

I swear my reason for asking this question is in no way illegal, just involved in a marital dispute.

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Sorry to say it, but if it is, its probably not in a way that the common citizen use.
While every cd-writer has a unique tag, that can be used to track where a cd/DVD was made, I belive this information is only intended for the police and such..

On the other had, what filetypes are on it ? It is possible that clues are imbeded in the metadata of the file, such as the name or initials of ther person that made the file

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This can vary depending on the format of the DVD.
You should minimally be able to see the date and time that they Video_TS files were created.
Place the DVD in a PC that has a compatible DVD reader and you can look at the file properties in Explorer.

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