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How cyborg would you be willing to go?

Asked by ETpro (34425points) January 17th, 2013

I am confident that if we don’t destroy ourselves with our current technology, the day will soon come when we can, should we so choose, enhance ourselves with cybernetic implants. Consider the crowd in a typical Starbucks Cafe. There may be one or two people there without a smartphone, tablet or notebook pulled out, but nearly everyone is jacked into some form of WiFi connection. Folks with the smallest devices are madly twiddling their thumbs to Tweet that they are drinking latte at Starbucks, yada, yada. Why twiddle your thumbs to text when a cybernetic implant could hook your brain directly to the processor in your smart device?

Google’s working on the Google glasses. What’s up with heads up display when you can go to in-head display instead? Of course, such connectivity brings with it the need for antiviral protection of a whole new level if our own brain is what would get infected when some hacker tricks us into clicking a malware link. But this, too, technology can solve.

My guess is before we tackle deep space exploration, we will learn to port our sentience and memories directly into a robot that can withstand the harsh, radiation filled environment of space and live for thousands or millions of years.

What sort of cybernetic improvements would you welcome, and which would you resist. What do you imagine for a future in which we become part cyborgs?

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I want Geordi LaForge’s Ocular Implants, which replaced his Visor in the later Next Gen movies. Perfect vision and the ability to see into the infrared and ultraviolet spectra? yes, please!

Also, if they could actually make those nanites that repair cells, that would be awesome!

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I have a laptop and an old cell phone. That is the furthest I’ll go. I refuse to get a smartphone or an iPad or anything like that. This reminds me of a video my friend showed me the other day. Here is is. If that ever happens, the people would surely be obese instead of in such perfect physical shape like in the video…

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I’ll be dust before I’m metal.

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Can you imagine hacking someone’s implant and subverting the imagines the implant is creating inside their brain? You could make them see whatever you want. Would you do subtle changes over a long period of time so that they might not notice it is going wrong? Maybe you could drive them crazy over the long run? You could make them believe they are seeing things that aren’t there or hear things that they think are honest, but aren’t.

What an interesting story premise.

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@burntbonez And the first thing they’ll do with that technology? Porn.

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I’d be willing to get a cocket launcher

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@ETpro NSFW! Right now, I really wouldn’t mind getting a super high-tech super thrusting cyborgian dick.

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First, Shadowrun. If you don’t know the game, do so; then you will see the relevance of that remark.

I would not mind having my smartphone implanted (Shadowrun has commlinks that are largely the 2074 equivalent of a smartphone, both regular and implanted). New eyes with 20/20 vision, flare compensation, and both low-light and thermographic upgrades would be nice, and a Kevlar skinweave would be handy so I don’t cut myself so much at work.

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Full android. Complete replacement of all biological parts, brain included.

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I’m with @ragingloli, although I’d just settle for two or three choice endocrine implants…

Maybe @ETpro‘s next NSFW question can be about robot love.

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I’ll be damned if Google are gonna do anything inside my head. It’s bad enough they do things outside of my head. And if college kids were to get hold of such a thing as an in-head display, all the boys just out of school and into college would be looking at porn during IT class.
I’d probably get a better brain. Mine is wearing me out, or it’s just simply wearing itself out. Everything else? Holy shit that’s another thought. What if that in-head display was somehow manufactured and produced by Apple or Microsoft. Heeeeeell no.. They give us enough crap in the outside world without messing up your head for real!

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@lightsourcetrickster Don’t worry; the Linux folks would make open-source brains.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I would love to have full spectrum, tunable vision.

@dxs You didn’t know you could already buy a house like that?

@Pachyderm_In_The_Room So maybe they will come up with a dust resuscitator.

@burntbonez Yes, I certainly can imagine that, and yes, it would therefore make a great plot line. Write it up.

@Seek_Kolinahr Can you imagine how down deep and personal you could make porn if it was jacked into your central nervous system?

@Michael_Huntington, @mazingerz88 & @jerv Dang, you guys have me kicking myself for not marking this question NSFW. :-)

@ragingloli & @bookish1 I’d go full android too if and when it’s available. But I’ll take what they can give me till then.

@lightsourcetrickster Yet again, what @jerv said.

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@ETpro Check your PMs for my NSFW response….

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Just cause it’s open-source doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna have problems!

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@lightsourcetrickster True, but they will not be by malicious design, and will be patched quicker than more proprietary equivalents.

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/me wants to be cc’d on the response….

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@ETpro You mean to say that this virtual world exists on Earth?

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@dxs I did not see much in the clip that can’t be done right now.

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@ETpro Maybe in another more developed country somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere or Europe…I don’t see it here in the USA. I hope we don’t become that over-developed.

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@jerv So all patches are fault free and there are no nasty surprises with any patches?

Drawbacks of open source security
All people have access to the source code, including potential attackers.[2] Any unpatched vulnerability can be used by attackers.
Simply making source code available does not guarantee review. A good example of this occurring is when Marcus Ranum, an expert on security system design and implementation, released his first public firewall toolkit. At one point in time, there were over 2,000 sites using his toolkit, but only 10 people gave him any feedback or patches.[4]
Having a large amount of eyes reviewing code can “lull a user into a false sense of security”.[5] Having many users look at source code does not guarantee that security flaws will be found and fixed.

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@lightsourcetrickster I am aware of it’s limitations, but still trust Linux more than Windows.

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In terms of the example used of having some totally different HID actually inside yer head – it’s still a bad idea.

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